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Friday, 8 July 2016

Gildersome, Leeds Scarecrow Festival

Every year in June Gildersome (a small village we used to live in) in Leeds turns into a Scarecrow Festival for a Sunday and it has become a bit of a family tradition that we go. People, shops, churches and other businesses all get involved in making and displaying scarecrows all around the village and all the surrounding places come along for the day. Each scarecrow is numbered and some also have a letter, you are given a map and the aim is to find all the scarecrows and the letters found along the way make up a word. Once you have finished you hand your sheet in for the chance to win a prize.

This year it was a lovely sunny day so that made hunting for the scarecrows and walking around the village a great day out. The scarecrows were all brilliant, there were traditional ones, characters from films and books and some really funny ones. 

Gildersome Scarecrow Festival

Gildersome Scarecrow Festival

The local church had a beautiful scarecrow scene and were serving indian food to hungry scarecrow hunters to raise money for The Funzi and Bodo Trust, a charity set up by one of our family friends that helps provide healthcare and education in Kenya. They raised £1200 for the charity which was amazing! 

Gildersome Scarecrow Festival

Our favourite scarecrows we found were Spiderman climbing in to an upstairs window, a cute scarecrow couple, Darth Vader (Ok, ok this was MY favourite lol!) and the Wicked Witch of the East.

Gildersome Scarecrow Festival

Which is your favourite scarecrow?

We spent a good few hours walking around and stopping to see each scarecrow so once we got home we had tired feet and I was definitely ready for a sit down with a cup of tea! We both had a lovely time though and I hope it's something we still do as Ellie gets older.

Does your area have a Scarecrow Festival? Have you ever been to one?

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