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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Lanzarote Diary - part one

It's been a week now since we came home from Lanzarote and I'm still so disappointed it is over now and still in holiday mode I think. After all the stress and upset in the weeks before with Low Cost Holidays going bust (you can read about that here) I decided to make sure we had THE best holiday....and we did!  

Day One

Our holiday got off to an early start as we were given a lift to the airport at 9am. Once we were checked in we had just enough time for a wander around the duty-free shops and a hot chocolate before boarding. The flight to Lanzarote from Leeds is about 4 1/2 hours so we spent our time reading our kindles, doing puzzle books....and of course we had to take a few plane selfies.

Lanzarote holiday diary part one aeroplane selfie

Once we had landed we found our way to our transfer coach pretty quickly and had to wait about 45 minutes for everyone else to get there! Puerto Del Carmen isn't very far at all from Arrecife airport so it wasn't long before we were at our hotel, Blue Sea Los Fiscos.

By the time we were checked in and had got to our apartment it was about 6pm, we were both pretty tired and hungry so we decided to unpack, get washed up and head to dinner before we did anything else.

After dinner we had a good explore of the hotel and complex then sat in the bar for the evening entertainment, a mini disco for the kids, bingo and then a parrot show. 

Lanzarote holiday diary part one - Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote Blue Sea Los Fiscos hotel pool bar

As we were both tired we didn't make it until the parrot show and were both tucked up in bed before 10pm!

Day Two

As we'd had an early night we were both awake early so we were dressed, suncream-ed and sat around waiting for the restaurant to open for breakfast.

Once we had eaten we spent all day laid by the pool reading our kindles and only moving for drinks from the pool bar and to go for lunch. This was our first time in Lanzarote so I had heard it was windy but we were surprised at just how windy it was, as soon as you got off the sunbed the towels were blowing off if they weren't weighted down! It was very warm though, in the mid 30's, so the breeze was really nice as you were laid sunbathing.

By dinner time we had both had enough sun so we got showered and changed then headed to the restau

As it had cooled down a bit we decided to have a walk into Puerto Del Carmen old town. A very friendly PR guy from a restaurant we passed on the way gave us directions but unfortunately we didn't follow them very well and got a bit lost! We eventually found the way back to our hotel though and spent the rest of the night in the bar watching the kids disco and then watching people play bingo.

Day Three

After we were up, dressed and had had breakfast we spent another day laid by the pool reading our kindles. The weather had changed and was getting very hot with no breeze at all, so we laid out for a bit then would go sit in the pool bar in the shade for a while to cool down.

By the third day we were both getting a bit bored of the hotels food so we decided to head into the old town for a meal.

We had another talk to our PR friend and got directions again (and managed to find our way this time). The views on the walk down into Puerto Del Carmen old town and around the harbour were just stunning!

Lanzarote holiday diary part one - Puerto Del Carmen old town view

Lanzarote holiday diary part one - Puerto Del Carmen old town view

We had a lovely meal and it was nice to spend some time out of the hotel resort walking around the harbour and front. Eventually we headed back to the hotel and caught the last of the evenings entertainment which was a music quiz and karaoke.

Lanzarote holiday diary part one - Puerto Del Carmen old town

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