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Friday, 19 August 2016

Lanzarote holiday diary - part 2

Following on from my previous post (Lanzarote Diary (part one)) this is the second half of our Lanzarote holiday diary.

Lanzarote holiday diary part two - Puerto Del Carmen old town view

Day Four

We got up early and made sure we were dressed and sun-creamed then at breakfast for it opening. Once we had eaten we headed to our nearest bus stop to get the bus to Rancho Texas Lanzarote, a zoo and water park in Puerto Del Carmen. It was even hotter this day which did take the enjoyment out of the trip a bit as it was just too hot to walk around so we had to keep looking for shade to sit in or somewhere to get a drink. We did manage to walk around all of the zoo and see some shows and we found shady refuge in a pretty cool little tree house. 

Lanzarote holiday diary part 2 Rancho Texas Lanzarote

We got the bus back and by the time we were back to the hotel it was time to shower and get ready for the night.

After dinner we had a walk into town and around the local shopping centre then stopped in a local bar before heading back up to the hotel for the evening entertainment. This night as well as the disco they had an eagle show. They had 4 different eagles and owls which they showed to every one, told each birds story and a background about the species and flew them around. 

Lanzarote holiday diary part 2 Eagle show, Blue Sea Los Fiscos

Afterwards you were able to go see the birds, hold them and have photos with them.

Day Five

We spent a relaxing morning around the pool reading our kindles. After lunch at the hotel we got a taxi down to the Playa Grande beach. We spent the afternoon walking along the sand, paddling in the sea and went to Splash Down (I have a full post about this coming soon). 

Lanzarote holiday diary part 2 Playa Grande beach

Once we had finished on the beach and in the sea we headed to Route 66 bar for a drink and a sit in the shade. I loved this bar as you can sit indoors or out, you can people watch everyone on the beach and in the sea and it had motorcycles hanging from the ceilings. 

Lanzarote holiday diary part 2 Route 66 bar

After our drinks we went back up to our hotel and got ready for dinner. We headed out again for dinner and found a lovely little restaurant in the old town area of Puerto Del Carmen and then found a little bar with wifi on our walk back to the hotel so we stopped off there for a drink too.

We made it back to our hotel just in time to get a hot chocolate to take to bed before the bar shut.

Day Six

The weather had changed again when we got up and was much cooler with a breeze, which was so nice after how hot it had been! We decided as the weather had changed we would go to the waterpark. We quickly had breakfast and headed down to the bus stop to get the coach to Aquapark in Costa Teguise. We had a brilliant day out on all the slides and pools and before we knew it it was time to head back for the coach back to our resort.

Unfortunately the weather feeling cooler was quite deceptive and after a day in the waterpark we were both really, really burnt! After a cold shower, thick layers of aftersun and strapless dresses we were ready for the evening.

We spent the night in a restaurant near our hotel, so it was on a hill overlooking the town and sea. There was a huge firework display, which no-one really seemed to know why, but it was so pretty to watch. Time really got away from us this night and it was around midnight when we got back to the hotel. 

Lanzarote holiday diary part 2 firework display

Day Seven

This was our last day here and we were both disappointed how fast our holiday had gone. I decided that before we did anything after breakfast I'd get the packing done so it was just over and done with. It was another hot, cloud-less day and both Ellie and me had burnt the day before so we spent most of the day sat in the pool bar in the shade reading.

We spent our last night back in the harbour area of Puerto Del Carmen as we had loved it so much the first time we went there. We had a meal and watched the sunset over the cliff which was just stunning to see.

Lanzarote holiday diary part 2 sunset over Puerto del Carmen

Day Eight

Our final morning got off to a very early start, we were up at 4am and our transfer bus picked us up at 4.40. We were at the airport, through check-in and security quickly but as it was so early nothing in the airport, other than a cafe, was open so it seemed a long wait before boarding. Once boarded though we both slept a bit and read our kindles and a strong tailwind meant we landed back in Leeds in what seemed like no time at all, a good 40 minutes early.

By lunchtime I was back at home unpacking and loading the washing machine.

Both Ellie and me have loved the holiday, its been both relaxing and adventurous, we've laughed all week and have definitely made memories to last a lifetime.

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