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Monday, 7 November 2016

Emmerdale Studio Experience, Leeds

*AD - PR EVENT* Are you an Emmerdale fan? Or interested in finding out what goes on behind the scenes in television? If so the new Emmerdale Studio Experience is definitely somewhere you need to visit.

The Emmerdale Studio Experience is a brand new visitor attraction situated in the former ITV studios on Burley Road in Leeds city centre.

The Emmerdale Studio Experience takes you on a journey behind the scenes, showing you how we bring the characters you love and stories you remember to life. By shining a light on the production process you’ll get to see how everything fits together. With full scale set reconstructions, preserved props and costumes to the secrets behind stunts and special effects; this is your chance to step into the exciting world of telly.

On your fully-guided tour, you’ll be able to get up close to all things Emmerdale and discover the magic behind some of the finest stunts seen on TV.  You’ll also have the opportunity to take your memories home with a souvenir photograph from behind the bar at The Woolpack and shop exclusive Emmerdale merchandise. Plus, before and after your tour, you can enjoy a brew and a bite to eat in the CafĂ©. 

The guided tour starts in a small cinema room where you watch flashes of Emmerdale's greatest scenes, the incredible stunts and the highs and lows of the show. This is a great way to start the tour and see how it has developed over the years.

In the production room you can see how stories are planned out, from story boards to scene management and miniature models. 

Emmerdale Studio Experience, Leeds

The costume and make-up rooms are brilliant to see and hearing how they keep continuity for each character is really interesting.

Emmerdale Studio Experience, Leeds

Emmerdale Studio Experience, Leeds

In the sets from the TV show you can experiment with lighting and cameras and find out exactly how they work. Of course it is nice having a nosey around the rooms you see whilst watching the show too. How strange is it to see the stairs don't actually go anywhere?!

Emmerdale Studio Experience, Leeds

Emmerdale Studio Experience, Leeds

Emmerdale Studio Experience, Leeds

One of my highlights from the tour is the miniature replica village. The attention to detail in it is just incredible!

Emmerdale Studio Experience, Leeds

Emmerdale Studio Experience, Leeds

No trip to Emmerdale would be complete without paying a visit to The Woolpack in my opinion. Both me and Linda loved being behind the bar.

Emmerdale Studio Experience, Leeds

These are my highlights of the experience but there are many other things to see and do there.

The guides for the Emmerdale Studio Experience are brilliant! They are all really knowledgable about both Emmerdale and the experience, very friendly and happy to answer questions. The tour is packed full of information about the show and exactly just what goes in to making it. Discovering just how the incredible disaster scenes are made is genuinely interesting and surprising. I love that the experience is interactive, playing with the lighting and cameras is brilliant fun.

If you're an Emmerdale fan or interested in finding out more about behind the scenes of television the Emmerdale Studio Experience is a must visit.


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