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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Personalised cupcakes by Caketoppers*

*AD - GIFTED*  When someone asks me if I would like to try out cupcakes my answer is always going to be yes, yes, yes! So when I was asked if I would like to try some personalised cupcakes by Caketoppers I jumped at the chance. After stalking the postman excitedly only a few days later my yummy parcel was here.

Caketoppers specialise in cakes, cupcakes and printed icing edible toppers for delivery across the UK. They can be personalised with photos, logos or a message and make a great idea for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations or any special occasion. Everything can be delivered the next day or on a future date of your choosing.

Firstly I have to say the packaging for the cupcakes is brilliant! They are really secure in their holders inside the box so survive the postal system and arrive in perfect condition. 

personalised cupcakes by Caketoppers

Inside my box are two  personalised message cupcakes with my (previous) blogs name on. The finish of them is really very good. The cupcakes both look gorgeous in their shiny, metallic cases and the writing is perfectly clear.

personalised cupcakes by Caketoppers

Personalised cupcakes by Caketoppers - Classic

The classic cupcake comes in the silver foil casing. It is a large vanilla sponge cake with white vanilla frosting and a solid icing cake topper. The cupcake is really light, fluffy and moist. There is a generous layer of frosting that isn't too sickly sweet. 

personalised cupcakes by Caketoppers

personalised cupcakes by Caketoppers

Personalised cupcakes by Caketoppers - Chocolate

The chocolate cupcake comes in gold foil. This is a large chocolate sponge cake with chocolate frosting and a solid icing topper. Again the sponge is light and moist and there is a good thick layer of frosting. Despite being so chocolatey it isn't too rich or sickly. 

personalised cupcakes by Caketoppers

personalised cupcakes by Caketoppers

The personalised cupcakes are £7.50 each, which includes postage. There are boxes of different amounts of cupcakes for set prices if you are looking for more. The size, flavour and quality of the cupcakes is brilliant, they are definitely worth £7.50. I will definitely be ordering from Caketoppers for any parties I'm having or special occasions.


Friday, 26 May 2017

Leeds Loves Cocktails

*AD - PR EVENT* Something very exciting is coming to Leeds this June, Leeds Loves Cocktails. Leeds Loves Cocktails is a 7 day cocktail event that wants to get Leeds drinking better not drinking more. What makes this different to the other cocktail events in Leeds is that the event is being held at different venues all over the city. Each venue is bringing its own twist and cocktails lovers will have to travel around the city to experience it. There are even restaurants who will be showing how to pair food with drinks.

Leeds Loves Cocktails - sampling some of the cocktails

At the blogging event last week I got to try 2 of the cocktails that will be on the menu. First up is this delicious Bathtub Gin gin, thyme syrup, cloudy apple juice and soda water cocktail. I am a huge gin fan (as you might already know if you read my blog regularly) so I was always going to love this one! It is really light and refreshing and tastes amazing. 

Leeds Loves Cocktails Bathtub Gin

Second is this Rumbullion! rum punch cocktail. Rum isn't a drink I usually choose but this was really good too! It is really fruity and a great summer cocktail.

Leeds Loves Cocktails Rumbullion

Leeds Loves Cocktails - designing our own cocktails

In a twist to usual blogging events Leeds Love Cocktails put us in to teams to have a go at designing and making our own cocktails. Our cocktails was Jack Daniels, strawberries, raspberry coulis, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, mint, cardomon syrup and coconut water. We didn't win so you won't get to try it at the event unfortunately. It tastes lush though so I will definitely be recreating it at home soon! And being behind that bar was so much fun..although surprisingly sticky!

Leeds Loves Cocktails - creating our own cocktails

Leeds Loves Cocktails - how to get your tickets

Wristbands to Leeds Love Cocktails are £10.80 each and you can get them here. The wristband will get you in to all the events below. Cocktails at each venue will be £5 each.
Leeds Loves Cocktails lineup

Leeds Loves Cocktails line up

I have a wristband and I'm already planning which events I'm going to. If you're near Leeds and free on the 5th-11th June make sure you get your wristband and head down to Leeds Love Cocktails.

Do you love cocktails? Or have you ever been to a cocktail event before? Make sure you let me know and tell me what your favourite cocktail is in the comments below.


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Kaya Jewellery review

 I have been following Kaya Jewellery for a while and have seen a few bloggers talking about them. So, I was so happy to find an email from them to see if I would like to work with them. Not only do I have a review of their gorgeous jewellery today but a giveaway for you all too.

Kaya Jewellery Infinity Forever set

Kaya Jewellery arrives individually wrapped in a pretty pouch. It is also inside a bubble wrap envelope so really safe and secure during postage. I love the addition of a little handwritten card and silver polishing cloth too.

Kaya Jewellery packaging

Kaya Jewellery Infinity Forever Set

I chose the Kaya Jewellery Infinity Forever set, a silver infinity pendant necklace and earring set. This set is currently £38.95 in the sale (it was originally £42.90).

Kaya Jewellery Infinity set

Kaya Jewellery Infinity set

Kaya Jewellery Infinity Forever necklace

The Infinity Forever necklace from is a .925 staring silver 42cm trace chain (with a 5cm extender) with an 25 x 10mm infinity pendant. The pendant is encrusted with cubic zirconia  stones. It feels a really well made, sturdy piece of jewellery. I really do think it is beautiful! I especially like the length of the chain, it sits in a perfect position and I will be able to layer it with other jewellery. 

Kaya Jewellery Infinity necklace

Kaya Jewellery Infinity necklace

Kaya Jewellery Infinity Forever earrings

The Infinity Forever earrings are .925 sterling silver studs with a 10mm wide infinity symbol. Like the necklace they also have a band of cubic zirconia crystals. They are super sparkly and as gorgeous as the necklace.

Kaya Jewellery Infinity earrings

Kaya Jewellery Infinity earrings
Kaya Jewellery review

I am so happy with both the Infinity Forever necklace and earrings. I love that they are both sterling silver. They are both gorgeous pieces of jewellery that really suit my style and other jewellery and I will get a lot of wear from them. The price of this set and the other jewellery is reasonable I think. Kaya Jewellery donates part of their profits to charity which is amazing and even more reason to buy their jewellery. 

Kaya Jewellery giveaway

If you would like to try Kaya Jewellery for yourself make sure you enter the giveaway below to win a £40 voucher!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Monday, 22 May 2017

Ham and Friends, Leeds wine bar / deli

*AD - PR EVENT* Last week I visited the new Ham and Friends in Leeds, a wine bar / kitchen / deli in the city centre. I sat with a pot of tea and a pain au chocolat (which is utterly amazing btw!) in the wine bar.

Ham and Friends breakfast

Ham and Friends wine bar

The wine bar is lovely to sit in. The decor is a mix of urban and modern with bare brick walls, wooden floors and modern furniture and accessories. It is really bright and airy with plenty of seating and stunning floor to ceiling windows.

Ham and Friends wine bar 

Ham and Friends wine bar

Ham and Friends wine bar
Ham and Friends wine bar
Ham and Friends food hall

The food hall / deli is full of produce. There is everything from meats, alcohol, preserves, chocolates, snacks, homeware, gifts and stationery. Everything is from smaller, independent artisan brands which I absolutely love! It is all really well priced too.

Ham and Friends food hall

Ham and Friends food hall

Ham and Friends food hall

Ham and Friends food hall

Ham and Friends food hall 

Ham and Friends cheese room

The best part about Ham and Friends is the cheese room. Well for me at least, I love cheese so a whole room of it is like heaven! Again there is lots of local cheeses and cheese from artisan brands. The staff are really knowledgable and know the tastes of all the cheeses, what you can use them for and what they will go well with. The prices here are really reasonable too.

Ham and Friends cheese room


Ham and Friends cheese room

Ham and Friends cheese room

Ham and Friends kitchen

The kitchen here will be opening soon, and hopefully I will be visiting again once it is open. They are planning on using the best products with no compromise on quality using artisan ingredients from ethical sources. 

Ham and Friends wine loft

As if a cheese room isn't exciting enough, a spiral staircase at takes you up in to a wine room! A platform suspending up near the glass ceiling houses lots of different artisan wines. As with the rest of the food hall the staff know everything about the wines and can help choose a wine for you. The platform also gives an amazing view of the food hall and wine bar too.

Ham and Friends wine loft

Ham and Friends wine loft

Ham and Friends review

I really love Ham and Friends. It's the perfect place to sit with a pot of tea or glass of wine. It's the perfect place to pick up an usual gift. And it's the perfect place to shop for artisan food and drink treats too. A big thank you to everyone there for inviting me down to spend a morning looking around.


Monday, 8 May 2017

Now You're Cooking Gousto box review

*AD - GIFTED* I am a huge cooking fan and love making new meals from scratch. So when Gousto contacted me I couldn't wait to try out one of their boxes for myself.
Gousto box review

Gousto box subscription service

Gousto is a subscription service that delivers everything you need to cook delicious meals straight to your door. They offer 6 different subscriptions.

  • 2 recipes for 2 people - £27.49 per week
  • 2 recipes for 4 people - £41.99 per week
  • 3 recipes for 2 people - £34.99 per week
  • 3 recipes for 4 people - £51.99 per week
  • 4 recipes for 2 people - £41.99 per week
  • 4 recipes for 4 people - £59.99 per week

You can pick the recipes sent each week from their huge menu range that changes each week. There are plenty of meat and fish choices as well as vegetation options. Allergen information is clearly shown on each recipe too. Weekly delivery is the default option but you can cancel, pause and skip weeks at any time. Everything arrives in a large box and is already measured in to the portion sizes you will need for each recipe.

Gousto box American Chicken and Creamed Corn

The first recipe I chose for my Gousto box is American Chicken, Creamed Corn and Sweet Potato  Fries. The recipe card is incredibly easy to follow with each step broken down with photos and a description. From starting cooking to sitting down and eating is about 30 minutes.

The chicken is delicious and still moist. The sweet potato fries (or wedges if you cut them like me) are crisp on the outside and soft inside. The creamed corn is really tasty but quite sickly so I only had a little bit.

Gousto review American Chicken and Creamed Corn

Gousto box Posh Open Burger and Rosemary Chips

The second recipe in my Gousto box is Post Open Burger with Rosemary Chips. The recipe card is again easy to follow with each step broken down with photos and a description. From starting cooking to sitting down and eating is about 50 minutes.

The burger is moist and juicy but it is huge! I will definitely make 4 out of it and not 2 next time. The brioche bun is a nice change from regular bread buns. I especially love the rosemary chips, they are delicious and will be a regular thing from now on! The homemade ketchup is a really nice touch although I did have to put it in the blender before serving.

Gousto box review - Posh open burger with rosemary chips

Gousto box review

I absolutely love the Gousto box. The ingredients are really fresh and both meals are easy to follow and taste amazing. The subscription fee is a little pricey though. Each meal works out at £6.87 which is a lot more than I usually spend. However the convenience of fresh food arriving at my door and not checking my cupboards for what I have in, shopping, weighing and measuring ingredients does make up for that. I won't be getting a box every week but I am pausing my subscription and will be getting boxes now and again.


Friday, 5 May 2017

Zizzi Italian Birstall restaurant review

For Mother's Day I gave myself a break from cooking and washing up and went out for dinner. Both me and Ellie have been wanting to go to Zizzi Italian since their opening near us so that was where we went. If you haven't tried Zizzi Italian there is a £10 discount at the end of this post.

This is the Birstall, Leeds branch and I love the building. It is a gorgeous mix of rustic wood and modern metal work with a floor to ceiling window front.  

Zizzi Italian Birstall review

As it was Mothers Day we had a booking, and that was a good idea as it was really busy inside! After being shown to our table and giving our drink order we were left to look at the menu. I do feel you can spend as long as you like looking at the menu without feeling like the staff are rushing you. We chose to jump straight in to main courses to hopefully have enough room for the delicious sounding desserts.

The menu is typically Italian with traditional starters, pizzas, pastas, risottos, meat and fish dishes. Zizzi Italian has a large vegetarian and vegan range, gluten free options, as well as several lower calorie dishes. All are clearly shown in the menu. 

Zizzi Italian Birstall review the menu

I chose the Risotto Pollo (chicken risotto) at £12.25. This is absolutely divine! The risotto is well cooked, super creamy with fresh herbs. It is full of large chunks of roast chicken. The bowl is really deep so the portion is huge.

Zizzi Italian Birstall restaurant review Risotto Pollo

Ellie chose a margherita pizza which is £7.95. Again this is delicious (I had to have a little slice of course!) and a really good size. The base is thin, crispy and floury. There is just the right amount of tomato sauce and cheese topping.

Zizzi Italian Birstall restaurant review Margherita pizza

The portions are so large that they don't leave a lot of room for desserts...which is a bit disappointing as they sound and look amazing.

I really like Zizzi Italian and will definitely go back to try more things from their menu. The food is delicious, prices are reasonable and the service is good.

Have you been to Zizzi Italian? If you haven't, or have a different email to sign up again, the following link will get you £10 off your first visit (I also get £10 off my next visit with this too.) visit



Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Buttercrumble Wearable Histories vintage inspired scarves

Two weeks ago I was at the Buttercrumble wearable histories event, showcasing their new scarf collection.

About Buttercrumble

Buttercrumble are a design team duo and the motto for their business is "making people smile". They have recently made the move from graphic design into designing wearable products as well.

Buttercrumble wearable histories

The Buttercrumble Wearable Histories scarf collection

The twins love of vintage fashions has influenced the designs. The gorgeous set of scarves are all illustrating vintage stories into wearable pieces. Each brightly colour scarf tells an individual story.

"In A Day's Work" (below) is the first scarf in the collection and takes inspiration from a vintage compact mirror. It tells the story of the day to day tasks of women in the 50's.

Buttercrumble wearable histories In A Days Work scarf being held up

Each scarf in the collection is 100% silk and they are a great size, 90cm x 90cm. There are five scarves in the collection.

  • In A Days Work
  • Chocolate Pie
  • Red Lipstick
  • Best Foot Forward
  • The Call
Buttercrumble wearable histories scarf collection laid on table

My personal favourite from the collection has to be "Red Lipstick". It is so bright and colourful and what's not to love about lipstick print!

Buttercrumble wearable histories Red Lipstick scarf in box

The Buttercrumble Wearable Histories scarves can be found here and are £90. Although this does seem a bit expensive, for a large, 100% silk scarf of wearable art I do think this is a reasonable price. I will be adding the Red Lipstick scarf to my luxury wishlist.

Up next for Buttercruble is art prints and more textiles, so they are definitely a brand worth keeping you eye on in the future. 


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