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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Buttercrumble Wearable Histories vintage inspired scarves

Two weeks ago I was at the Buttercrumble wearable histories event, showcasing their new scarf collection.

About Buttercrumble

Buttercrumble are a design team duo and the motto for their business is "making people smile". They have recently made the move from graphic design into designing wearable products as well.

Buttercrumble wearable histories

The Buttercrumble Wearable Histories scarf collection

The twins love of vintage fashions has influenced the designs. The gorgeous set of scarves are all illustrating vintage stories into wearable pieces. Each brightly colour scarf tells an individual story.

"In A Day's Work" (below) is the first scarf in the collection and takes inspiration from a vintage compact mirror. It tells the story of the day to day tasks of women in the 50's.

Buttercrumble wearable histories In A Days Work scarf being held up

Each scarf in the collection is 100% silk and they are a great size, 90cm x 90cm. There are five scarves in the collection.

  • In A Days Work
  • Chocolate Pie
  • Red Lipstick
  • Best Foot Forward
  • The Call
Buttercrumble wearable histories scarf collection laid on table

My personal favourite from the collection has to be "Red Lipstick". It is so bright and colourful and what's not to love about lipstick print!

Buttercrumble wearable histories Red Lipstick scarf in box

The Buttercrumble Wearable Histories scarves can be found here and are £90. Although this does seem a bit expensive, for a large, 100% silk scarf of wearable art I do think this is a reasonable price. I will be adding the Red Lipstick scarf to my luxury wishlist.

Up next for Buttercruble is art prints and more textiles, so they are definitely a brand worth keeping you eye on in the future. 

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