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Monday, 18 December 2017

Maplin Fizz chocolate fountain review

 No kitchen appliance quite has the wow factor like a chocolate fountain. No matter how young or old you are seeing pools of warm liquid chocolate and treats to dip in it instantly makes your mouth water. Me and Ellie have been testing out the Maplin Fizz chocolate fountain to see what we think of it.

Maplin fizz chocolate fountain boxed

The Maplin Fizz chocolate fountain specifics

The Maplin Fizz chocolate fountain is mains operated and it is about 9 inches tall. It is £15.99.

Maplin fizz chocolate fountain

How to use the Maplin Fizz chocolate fountain

Assemble the Maplin Fizz chocolate fountain. Melt chocolate either over a saucepan or in the microwave. Add the liquid chocolate to the fountain and turn on. Watch it cascade and enjoy!

Maplin fizz chocolate fountain

My Maplin Fizz chocolate fountain review

The Maplin Fizz chocolate fountain is really easy to assemble, even if you don't read the instructions. Once you add the molten chocolate it starts flowing within seconds and is ready to use.

We love dipping fruit, biscuits and wafers but our favourite has to be marshmallows. Marshmallow and warm chocolate is just the perfect combination.

Maplin fizz chocolate fountain dipped marshmallow

The instructions recommend using vegetable oil to thin the chocolate out ready to use. We add milk whilst the chocolate is melting and that gets it to a perfect consistency too. Don't add cold milk to already melted chocolate or you will get lumps.

The chocolate stays warm and molten for as long as the fountain is on. I really like that you can turn the motor off and switch it to heat only mode. It means you can stop the cascading chocolate and have a break from eating but keep the chocolate useable.

It is easy to take apart afterwards for washing. My only criticism is that the base doesn't come off as this would make cleaning it even easier.

I can't recommend enough cleaning it as soon as you turn it off. I scrape any left over chocolate into a sandwich bag, put the loose parts in to boiling hot, soapy water and wipe out the base with kitchen roll then a soapy dishcloth.

The chocolate fountain fits back in to the box easily so it can be put away in the kitchen cupboard easily.

The Maplin Fizz chocolate fountain final thoughts

We are loving the chocolate fountain. It's a great treat for me and Ellie and a really good party piece too. I'm sure I will be using it when I have the girls around for drinks or a BBQ. I can see Ellie wanting to get it out at her next sleepover too.

Although it is small it works perfectly and it is a great size to have at home. It still has the wow factor once you turn it on and see the chocolate cascading.

You can get the Maplin Fizz chocolate fountain for £15.99 here and find more novelty cookware that is perfect for parties here.

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