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Thursday, 1 November 2018

My Cook Box

You will all already know I love eating out, it's something I share regularly on here. One thing you might not know though is that I am a huge fan of cooking too. I really enjoy cooking (and eating) new meals and our family favourites. When meal planning for the weekly shop though it is so easy to stick to meals you know how to make and that you know everyone likes. And eating the same thing week in week out gets boring pretty quickly! Meal subscription boxes take the weekly meal planning out, as well as saving on actual food shopping and weighing and measuring the ingredients. I recently heard about My Cook Box and had to give them a go.

What is My Cook Box

My Cook Box - delivery box

My Cook Box is a flexible meal subscription box. Each week you can choose 3 recipes, for either 2 or 4 people, and they will deliver everything you need to make them. It costs £24.99 for a 2 person box and £39.99 for a 4 person box. The recipes change weekly and you see them a couple of weeks in advance to choose from. If you don't fancy a box one week or if you're going away you can skip deliveries online. The cancellation process looks really easy too.

Inside the My Cook Box

My Cook Box - food contents

I have the 2 person box, so have the ingredients for three meals for two people. Everything is individually packaged and weighed out ready to use. My boxes arrive on a Saturday but the boxes have special packaging and insulation to keep everything cold if you are not in.

My Cook Box - Mexican Beef Enchiladas 

My Cook Box - Mexican Beef Enchiladas

The first meal from our first My Cook Box is the Mexican Beef Enchiladas. The recipe is really easy to follow, the timings are all correct and the meal tastes great. The portion size is huge and could probably feed three lighter appetites. The enchiladas are a big hit with Ellie who is quite fussy and hard to please sometimes!

 My Cook Box - Fennel and sausage pasta

My Cook Box - Fennel and sausage pasta

The second meal from our My Cook Box is fennel and sausage pasta. Again the recipe is really easy to follow and makes an incredibly tasty dish. The tuscan sausages are really high quality and taste great. Like with our first dish there are two huge portions for us.

My Cook Box - Tartiflette style bake

My Cook Box - Tartiflette style bake

Our last meal from the My Cook Box is tartiflette style bake, a potato and pancetta bake. This is the meal I was most looking forward to trying and it doesn't disappoint. It is delicious and a real Autumnal comfort food. Like the previous recipes it is easy to follow. The portions aren't as large with this dish, which is perfect for us but bigger appetites might be left wanting a bit more.

My Cook Box final thoughts

I am really happy with my first My Cook Box delivery. The meals are easy to cook and all taste great. I really love that the recipe cards are so detailed and you can use them again to re-make the meal. My ingredients are all really fresh and high quality. It has been great to not need to think about all of our meals for the week and we have some new recipes to add to our meal plans now.

One thing worth noting is the delivery does use a lot of plastic. There isn't as much as previous meal subscription boxes I have used but it is still there. I'm not too sure what the company can do about it though? Whilst I think herbs could be perhaps in a paper bag I can't see how else they can send the meat.

I'm really happy with the price of the subscription, £24.99 works out at about £4.16 per person per meal. We are keeping the subscription open and will probably get a box once a month or so, depending on the recipes on offer. My Cook Box freshens up our weekly menu and is great for busy weeks as it cuts out a huge food shop and pre-meal preparation.

You can see the recipes on offer for the next couple of weeks here and sign up for your own subscription too.

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