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Thursday, 22 November 2018

DermaTherapy bedding review

*AD - GIFTED* Home style is something I am quite passionate about. I love shopping for new bits for our house, from little nicknacks to furniture to new bedding. I have recently been trying out the DermaTherapy bedding after being gifted a set of pillow cases to see if it lives up to its claims. 

About DermaTherapy bedding

DermaTherapy bedding is the worlds first patented and FDA approved bedding. It gives a cleaner, drier and hypogenic sleep. Due to a soil release finish, after washing you get clean sheets every time. The bedding is cool to the touch and the unique microfibres keep you from getting too hot or cold. DermaTherapy fabrics draw away any moisture and keep you dry through the night. And, the fabric is clinically proven to reduce itching and irritation. DermaTherapy bedding is perfect for skin conditions, night sweats, night terrors and post sports.

DermaTherapy bedding

My DermaTherapy bedding review

DermaTherapy bedding - bed made up with DermaTherapy pillow cases and checked bedding

My bed is one of my favourite places in the house. I love nothing more than curling up there on a night. I do have chronic sleep problems though. A new mattress is helping my hip pain and mindfulness is helping the insomnia. But thyroid disease makes regulating my temperature hard. Depending on the levels in my bloods I can be freezing cold or waking up in a hot sweat. So I had high hopes for the DermaTherapy bedding!

I have two pillow cases from the range and I was really happy to see they are a brilliant white colour. This means they go perfectly no matter what bedding I have on. As you can see the pillow cases are on the bottom through the day whilst the bed is made. Once I'm getting in to bed I flip them over to sleep on them.


DermaTherapy bedding - bed made up with DermaTherapy pillow cases and checked bedding

The bedding is a silky feeling material so feels lovely against the skin. When you first lay on them it is surprising at how cool they are; Perfect for anyone who always needs to turn their pillows for the cold side. It's really relaxing to snuggle under a thick duvet yet have cooler pillows and I have been having better nights sleep. At the moment my blood levels are fairly stable so hot sweats haven't been an issue for the few weeks I've been using the bedding. I'm sure they will return at some point soon and I'm confident the pillow cases will help with those.

Whilst I don't have a skin condition like eczema, after sleeping in the bedding for a few weeks I can imagine it is great for that. It's so soft and smooth and definitely wouldn't irritate or cause any itching.

My DermaTherapy bedding has been through the wash a few times now. It washes and dries easily and comes out bright white and silky feeling. As it is such a shiny fabric I don't think I would try ironing it though. (Not that I iron bedding, but you know, if you did ... don't!)

I'm really happy with the DermaTherapy bedding and would love to get the duvet cover for the summer months.

Is DermaTherepy bedding something that would be useful for you?

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