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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Sudio Tio wireless headphones

*AD - GIFTED* I am a huge music fan and listen to music a lot. You're more likely to find me with a CD on or my headphones in than watching TV. Even at work I usually have headphones playing my newest download on Apple Music. But they can be quite restrictive can't they? Although mobiles are well, mobile you don't always want to carry them around everywhere with you. I have recently been gifted the Sudio Tio wireless headphones so have been testing them out.

Sudio Tio wireless headphones

The small box the Sudio Tio wireless headphones come in has everything you need for them. The wireless headphones, charger, instructions and different size wing tips so they will fit in anyones ears.

Sudio Tio wireless headphones

My Sudio Tio wireless headphones review

The Sudio Tio wireless headphones are so easy to use. Turn them on, connect them to your phone and off you go. They are surprisingly light and stay in your ears perfectly. I really like the little clip too, it will keep them in place if you're in the gym or out running with them.

I am mainly wearing them at work. I can leave my phone on my desk and move around my office in and out of my filing cabinets. I can walk into the main office and still listen to my music and can even come out the main office and down the corridor without my phone on me. I love how easy it is to move around in them and not get in a tangle with wires.

The sound quality in the headphones is great. A crystal clear sound that you can turn up and down quickly on the headphones.

I have to admit I wasn't too sure what I would think of the Sudio Tio wireless headphones, having never worn wireless headphones I wasn't sure what to expect. They are great though! Even if, like me, you don't wear them for the gym or running they come in so useful.


Sudio Tio wireless headphones


You can check out the Sudio headphone range here. They will make a great gift for yourself or any music fans in your life.


What do you think of the Sudio Tio wireless headphones? Are wireless headphones something you wear?

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