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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Ion Sei Toothbrush & giveaway

*AD - GIFTED* When you think of your beauty regimen what kind of things spring to mind? Skin care? Make up? The latest eye liner trend? Your teeth will probably come quite far down the list, but they really should be up there at the top! I love the feeling of squeaky clean teeth and the confidence that gives me to smile more. And you can't get your teeth feeling cleaner than with an electric toothbrush. I have been sent the Ion Sei electric toothbrush by Sanyei to trial. Keep reading until the end as there is a giveaway for you to win one of your own.

About the Ion Sei electric toothbrush

Ion Sei electric toothbrush - boxed

The Ion Sei toothbrush has some pretty impressive patent technology. Ions are generated in the central bar which helps suppress bacteria and plaque formation. It vibrates at 31,000 strokes per minute. This means smoother and cleaner feeling teeth over time

Unboxing the Ion Sei electric toothbrush

Ion Sei electric toothbrush - contents inside the box

Inside the Ion Sei electric toothbrush box is the toothbrush handle, two different heads, a charging base / stand and UK and EU adapter.

Whilst it comes with two different heads, a standard toothbrush style one and the spiral head, you can also get a smaller size too.

Ion Sei electric toothbrush - different toothbrush heads

My Ion Sei electric toothbrush review

Ion Sei electric toothbrush - standing on the charging stand

I am using the Ion Sei electric toothbrush twice a day, and have been for the last three weeks. The first few times using the toothbrush is a bit strange. The head doesn't oscillate like other electric brushes I have and feels very gentle on the teeth and gums. Almost like it isn't actually brushing them. But, you quickly realise you don't need to "brush" like a regular toothbrush and it is just a super gentle way of cleaning them. My favourite head to use is the spiral one as it seems to get right in between each tooth. There are three settings, low, medium and high, I personally prefer the higher speed but there is no real reason for that.

Obviously, without going to the Dentist, I can't tell you about the bacteria or plaque levels. But I can tell you my teeth feel incredibly clean, and I am noticing my teeth don't have as much of a coating on a morning.

I really like the charging stand, it's compact, does the job and I like that you can store other heads on there. Once fully charged the Ion Sei electric toothbrush will last 3-4 days before you need to charge it again.

You can get your own Ion Sei electric toothbrush in both blue and white.

Win an Ion Sei electric toothbrush

If you would like to try the Ion Sei electric toothbrush make sure you enter my giveaway below.

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Thursday, 14 February 2019

Walking Whitby to Sandsend

When you visit somewhere a lot it's so easy to get stuck in a rut. Doing the same things you always do, just because that's what you "do" there. Sometimes it is worth looking at somewhere through a tourists eyes. Search to see the must do things or places to visit and travel around a favourite spot with a new pair of eyes. This is exactly what we did on our recent stay in Whitby and found ourselves walking Whitby to Sandsend.

Walking Whitby to Sandsend - about the walk

Sandsend is the next village along the coastline from Whitby and you can just see it along the beach. The walk is about 3 miles each way and you can walk along the beach or across the top. If you are planning to walk along the beach check the tide times so you don't get stuck halfway along!

Walking Whitby to Sandsend - along the beach

Walking Whitby to Sandsend - beach view of Sandsend from Whitby

We are walking Whitby to Sandsend along the beach, you can just see Sandsend around the cove here.

Walking Whitby to Sandsend - Whitby lighthouse and pier

Despite it being November it is a gorgeous clear blue but chilly day.

Walking Whitby to Sandsend - standing on Whitby beach in front of lighthouse

Walking boots or waterproof shoes are a must, even with the tide out it is a wet walk. You do get to have a good look in little rock pools along the way though.

Walking Whitby to Sandsend - rock pools on the beach

Walking Whitby to Sandsend - cliffs along the beach

After three miles of sandy beach, rock pools and the stunning cliffs Sandsend is here. Although the walk is flat if you're like me you'll be ready for a sit down and warm drink. Fortunately there is a cafe on the front and it is open year round. A hot chocolate and slice of cake is just the treat I need after the walk.

Walking Whitby to Sandsend - beach with Sandsend buildings

Walking Whitby to Sandsend - the road

Walking Whitby to Sandsend - view of Whitby from Sandsend

Walking Whitby to Sandsend in reverse we are going along the road at the top of the beach. You can see Whitby Abbey on top of the cliffs in the distance.

Walking Whitby to Sandsend - field with Whitby in the distance

Walking Whitby to Sandsend - Whitby town sign

The walk along the top is just as pretty as along the beach with plenty to stop and look at. I really love this old wooden bridge across the road.

Walking Whitby to Sandsend - an old wooden bridge over the moorland

It is about the same distance along the top although it is a hillier walk. I was definitely ready to be back in the town and ready for another sit down and hot drink.

Walking Whitby to Sandsend - standing on the front with Sandsend in the distance

If you are at the Yorkshire East Coast walking Whitby to Sandsend is a great walk to do. It is a pretty walk with plenty to stop and see along the way. The walk was a nice change from doing the usual Whitby things too.

Have you been re-exploring any old favourites recently? I would love recommendations of places with similar walks if you have any too?

Thursday, 7 February 2019

I Love Gin January box

*AD - GIFTED* My favourite time of the month is quickly becoming my I Love Gin delivery day. Opening up the box to see what surprise gin goodness is inside is such a treat.  My I Love Gin January box arrived last week and, like with previous months, I've loved trying everything inside.

Unboxing the I Love Gin January box

I Love Gin January box

The theme for the I Love Gin January box is a dry GINuary and the contents are slightly different to previous months. Inside this months box, instead of the usual two different gins and two tonics there is
  • A 50ml bottle of strawberry Pin Gin
  • A 50ml bottle of Brecon Special Reserve Gin
  • A 250ml bottle of Gordon's ultra low alcohol gin and tonic with a hint of lime
  • A 250ml bottle of Gordon's ultra low alcohol gin and tonic with a hint of grapefruit

I Love Gin January box contents

My I Love Gin January box review

I Love Gin January box contents

I am really impressed with the I Love Gin January box. Both the December and December boxes had two gins and two tonics, which is great. But, having something different in the pre-mixed Gordons gin and tonics is a lovely change. I always have tonic at home (the gin always seems to run out much quicker!) so it's not something I miss in this months box. Having some ready to go drinks are handy for a quick lazy drink at home or for grabbing on the way to a party.

The Gordons gin and tonic with hints of fruit taste delicious. I prefer the lime flavour as the fruity taste is a little stronger than the grapefruit. Being ultra low alcohol (0.5%) is a good change for the box too. Perfect for anyone continuing dry January. Or, like me, perfect for drinking with Sunday dinner. No Monday hangover here.

Pin Gin is a gin brand I already know and love. However I have only tried the original one so I am really happy to have the strawberry flavour. The strawberry is nice and strong without tasting artificial and the original peppery taste of Pin Gin still comes through. This is definitely something I will be getting a full size bottle of.

Brecon Gin is a new to me brand, from the first gin distillery in Wales and uses water from the Brecon Beacons. It is a traditional gin but the botanicals added; citrus, liquorice, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, angelica, cassia and orris root; make it a perfect drink for this time of year. A spicy and warming gin just right for the cold dark evenings.

An I Love Gin subscription is a perfect treat for yourself and makes a great gift too. For just £15 a month you can get the gins, tonics and a £5 voucher to spend in the online store.

Which would be your favourite drink from the I Love Gin January box?

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