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Thursday, 7 March 2019

Celebrating National Pie Week with Pieminister

*AD - COMPLIMENTARY* Did you know this week is National Pie Week? I don't think a week could be more me to be honest! Whether it's savoury or sweet I can never resit a pie. Pieminister recently got in touch to ask me if I wanted to celebrate with them so, on Monday night me and my friend were there to try the pies.

About National Pie Week

National Pie Week runs from the 4th - 10th March. Pieminister have different things on each night to celebrate. Here is the itinerary for the week.

Celebrating National Pie Week with Pieminister - the menu

Our Pieminister meal

I have the Lady Baa Baa pie with mash and garden peas. Lady Baa Baa is the Pieminister March special. It is a lamb, red wine, root vegetables and rosemary pie. And yes, the hilarious pun name did sway my decision to order it!

Pieminister Lady Baa Baa pie with mash, garden peas and gravy

It is a really deep fill pie with huge chunks of tender lamb and veggies. The gravy inside the pie is amazing, a perfect combination of red wine and rosemary that doesn't over power the lamb. The pastry is crisp and tastes delicious. I really like the gravy too, thick and meaty and enough of it for my meal.

Linda has the Moo pie with mash and mushy peas. Moo is a beef steak and ale pie.

Pieminister Moo pie with mash, mushy peas and gravy

This is another deep fill pie full of chunks of beef and carrots. The gravy inside is thick and you can really taste the ale, without it being too much. It comes with a large helping of minty mushy peas that Linda thinks goes perfectly with her pie.

Pieminister Leeds review

Pieminister Leeds is a great venue. It has a mixture of open tables and chairs and intimate booths. I really love the rustic feel to the booths and the restaurant in general.

Pieminister Leeds booth national pie week

The staff are friendly and attentive without being overbearing and they are happy to explain the menu and give you time to decide what you want.

I think the menu is a perfect size. There is just the right amount of choices of pies and sides without having too many choices that you can't decide. It has a great range for vegan and vegetarians too.

Both me and Linda loved our meal at Pieminister. The pies are delicious and the sides all go with them perfectly. Whilst the servings don't look huge they are incredibly filling. There was no room left to try any of the desserts!

I do have my eye on the Sunday Best which comes with a yorkshire pudding, roasties, pigs in blankets and crackling. If that doesn't sound like the most amazing Sunday dinner I don't know what does!

How are you celebrating National Pie Week? Have you eaten at Pieminister before? If not find your nearest branch and get yourself down there.

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