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Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Yandra rose syrup

You all know by now I do love me a good gin and tonic, and that I'm also partial to a glass of fizz too. But, I am always up for trying new things to add to the classic drinks. I was recently sent a bottle of Yandra Rose syrup and I've been trying it in a few different drinks over the last few weeks.

Yandra Rose syrup - boxed

About Yandra rose syrup 

Yandra Rose syrup - unboxed

Yandra rose syrup is made with Damask rose petals, sugar, water and a dash of lemon. There are no artificial colours. All natural and pure, handcrafted with love. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

You can use it in cocktails, teas, sparking and still wines, milk, desserts and even as a salad drizzle. You can also dilute it in water and drink it alone.

My Yandra rose syrup review 

Yandra Rose syrup - in gin and tonic

The Yandra rose syrup is in a 440ml glass bottle and it looks great standing in the drinks cabinet. (Or in my case the drinks corner of my worktop!).

It has a gorgeous, sweet rose aroma that you can smell as soon as you take the lid off. The syrup tastes sweet with a rose flavour and it is fairly thick and sticky. A little of the syrup is all you need, I am using just a teaspoon in my drinks.

On it's own with sparkling water or lemonade, it is a bit too sweet for me. But mixing it with gin and tonic or prosecco makes an amazing drink. The sweetness is offset by the dryness of the prosecco or the bitterness of the tonic.

Yandra Rose syrup - in prosecco

The Yandra rose syrup is something that I will make sure I have in for our summer barbecues and house parties. I'm sure it is something my friends will love in their gin and prosecco too. It will be great in cocktail jugs full of gin and tonic or even vodka martinis.

You can get a bottle here and it is £6.99.

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