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Thursday, 30 May 2019

A quick at home manicure with Kiss nails

*AD - GIFTED* It is confession time today guys. As a former nail blogger I am a bit of a nail snob. I definitely prefer natural nails over extensions. A couple of years ago you would always see me with freshly painted nails every day. Nowadays though things are different as my thyroid disease causes havoc with my nails! They will not grow, they are brittle and soft and don't even ask about my cuticles. My skin is also super dry and definitely won't manage a daily acetone soak anymore. Recently I was sent a goodie bag from Kiss which has the Gel Fantasy nails and the impress nails. It's a perfect chance for me to test out some false nails.

Kiss nails

Kiss nails

Kiss nails gel fantasy

I have the Kiss Gel Fantasy nails in a vampy deep red colour. The nails are super glossy and look like a gel manicure. There are 28 nails in the box in different sizes as well as adhesive tabs and nail glue.

I also have the Kiss ImPress press on nails in a baby blue and blue glitter colour. There are 30 different size nails in this pack and they have an adhesive tab already on them.

Kiss nails ImPress

My Kiss ImPress manicure

I am trying out the Kiss ImPress nails first as they look super summery and are the kind of nails I would paint myself.
It is really easy to find the nails that fit each finger and each nail has a sticky tab to attach it to your nail. Just peel the backing off the tab and press it on to your nail. I was a bit sceptical about how well the tab would hold the false nail on. And there is definitely nothing to worry about there! It is actually quite hard (but not impossible) to un-stick them, even if you try straight away.

The manicure looks great and I'm really happy with my Kiss Impress manicure.

Kiss nails ImPress manicure

What do you think of press on nails? What is your go-to manicure look?

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park photo diary

The Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park has been on my radar for a while now. In Ripon it's not too far from Leeds. So one early Saturday morning I was up and on my way to spend the day there.

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park - The views

The views in the park are absolutely amazing. Lush greens with bright pops of colour from the flowers and water features to see along the way. Despite other people milling around it is peaceful, tranquil and relaxing.

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park bench overlooking the park

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park wooden bridge between flowers

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park wooden bridge over stream

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park bluebells in grass

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park lake surrounded by trees and red flowers

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park lake with floating lily and band stand

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park stone bridge over lake

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park wooden bridge over greenery

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park - The flowers

Whilst I think flowers are gorgeous and love having them in the house or seeing them out and about, I don't have a huge knowledge of them. I can't tell you the names of many at the Himalayan Garden, but I can tell you they are stunning! Beautiful flowers in every shape, colour and size. A warm Saturday though means the air is thick with pollen. So don't forget your hay fever medication before you set off.

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park flowers

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park flowers

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park flowers

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park flowers

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park flowers

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park flowers

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park flowers

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park flowers

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park - The sculptures

I love the sculptures you find around the park. They are well placed in amongst the flowers and scenery, there are loads there but these are my favourites.

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park owl sculpture

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park dancers in lake sculpture

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park lily sculpture

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park wing sculpture

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park chairs sculpture

Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park Buddha sculpture

Is the Himalayan Garden somewhere you would like to visit? Tell me about a Saturday day out you've had recently?

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Interesting Women’s Fashion Trends for SS19

*AD - SPONSORED POST* Every season, I update my wardrobe. It keeps my look fresh and ensures everything I own fits and blends together well. So, right now, I am looking for a few items for when the weather really heats up. Here are some of the most interesting women's fashion trends I have uncovered, while doing that.

Interesting Women’s Fashion Trends - Jumpsuit and boilersuits

The rise of the boilersuit continues. They look fantastic as well as being practical and comfortable, so this is not really a surprise.

Women's fashion trends - woman standing in black boiler suit with bright floral print

Interesting Women’s Fashion Trends - Tap into the utility trend

They are a big part of the utility trend that has made its way from the catwalks to the mainstream, in the past few months. The great thing about the utility trend is that it combines function with aesthetics. You get to wear clothes that look and feel good, but are also practical. They are clothes you can wear for virtually any activity you want to enjoy. Generously cut shirts and trousers with big pockets that are cut to hang well paired with flat mules is a look that works well for a lot of women.

Interesting Women’s Fashion Trends - The shirt dress

Shirt dresses are also part of the utility look. You can wear them belted, or on really warm days let them hang loser, so you can let the air flow.

Women's fashion trends - navy blue shirt dress with tropical print

Interesting Women’s Fashion Trends - The tie-dye look

Tie dye is definitely no longer just for hippies. The patterns being produced are wildly different from the ones we have seen before. There is plenty of variety available, so you will have no trouble finding something that appeals to you.

Interesting Women’s Fashion Trends - Manic prints

Every summer, we see prints and this summer is no exception. But, this year, the prints are a bit crazier than normal. The leopard print trend from the winter has made designers, and us, bolder. Crazy vibrant prints are everywhere. The manic print trend looks set to be big. It is not for everyone, but if you are looking for a bright dress these eye-catching prints might work for you.

Interesting Women’s Fashion Trends - Giant bags

Huge bags seemed to be everywhere on the catwalks. I don’t like tiny handbags, but still can’t see myself buying one of these super-sized bags. But, if you like carrying your life around in your handbag, you will be spoilt for choice. Some of them are so big that you could potentially use them as a beach bag.

Women's fashion trends - giant blue and white patterned bag

Interesting Women’s Fashion Trends - Hats are back 

This year, you can expect to see more people wearing hats. The usual mix of baseball caps and cloth hats is joined by extra wide-brimmed hats. If you do not fancy that look, the 90s bucket hat is also back in fashion. But, before buying one, you might like to read this article, to check that style of hat is right for your face shape.

Women's fashion trends - straw hat with flamingo writing and pink trim

Interesting Women’s Fashion Trends - Waistcoats for women

Recently, designers like Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen have been sending their models down the runway wearing waistcoats and sleeveless coats. It will be interesting to see if this trend takes off, but you can expect to see them being made available in more women’s clothing retailers.

Overall, I liked what I saw. This years women's fashion trends are a bit more quirky than normal, which is refreshing. 

Which of these trends will you be updating your wardrobe with this season? 

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Sunkissed gradual tan mist

I confess myself as being something of a fake tan queen. Not all that long ago you would always see me with a tan. Nowadays I am not quite so obsessive with it but do like a tan for nights out or during the spring and summer. I have been sent the Sunkissed gradual tan mist to try out recently and I'm sharing it with you today.

Sunkissed self tan and mitt in box

About Sunkissed gradual tan mist

Sunkissed self tan standing on wooden table

The new Sunkissed gradual tan mist is a light and moisturising formula. It contains argan oil to moisturise and nourish whilst the tan develops. The formula is 95% natural and contains no parabens, alcohol, sulphates or silicone. The bottle is 100% recyclable and is made from up to 30& recycled plastic. It is also cruelty free and vegan friendly too.

There is light/medium or medium/dark colours.

The bottle is 150mls and is £13.99.

Sunkissed self tan mitt

My Sunkissed gradual tan mist review

Sunkissed self tan - my arm before using the tan

As you can see from my before photo above, I am naturally super pale. Whilst I don't burn in the sun I don't tan easily either, it has to be super hot for me to have any colour.
And you can see in the photo below the Sunkissed gradual tan mist builds up to a gorgeous, natural looking tan. I am really happy with the colour, it isn't too dark and it isn't too orange either.

Sunkissed self tan - after photograph standing in the garden

I usually use a mousse when tanning so a mist is new to me. It's really easy to use though, just spray it on and rub it in with a mitt. As it's a spray you must put a good thick layer of moisturiser on your feet. I can tell you from experience the mist obviously drops down on to them!
The mist has a coconut scent that will instantly remind you of holidays and suncream. I use it on a night before bed and by the morning the coconut scent is still slightly there but that fake tan smell does creep through.

Some false tans can be really drying on the skin but this is definitely moisturising. You can definitely tell there is argan oil in the formula. Keeping your skin moisturised when you are wearing a tanning product will help it last longer and not fade patchily too.

As the mist is a gradual tan it is something you need to build up. For my after photograph I have used it two nights running. Obviously if you want a deeper tan use it for another day or two.

What I love about this is it will be great for holidays. If you have skin like mine you can use it whilst you are there and build up a tan over your holiday. Or you can use it when you get home to prolong your holiday glow.

Whilst I don't think this will totally replace my usual tan completely (sometimes I am lazy and just like to apply on a Friday night ready for Saturday night) there is definitely a place for it in my tanning routine. A bottle will definitely be coming with me on our holiday to Majorca in a few weeks time.

You can grab a bottle of the Sunkissed gradual tan mist here. Make sure you let me know if you try it out!

Are you a fan of false tan? Which is your favourite tanning product?

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Discovering Beaumont Park Huddersfield

Beaumont Park is somewhere I have been wanting to visit for a while and I finally got to explore it recently. It is in Huddersfield, so not far from Leeds, and is a perfect example of a traditional Victorian park. After a busy week at work I love nothing more then heading off outdoors somewhere new. Woodland walks are my favourite as there is something so peaceful and calming about being surrounded by trees. The park is the perfect place for this with winding paths through woodland walks, between huge rock faces and has a hidden gem too.

Beaumont Park - the walks

Beaumont Park - tree lined winding paths

Beaumont Park - stone steps up through the woods

Pretty winding paths and steps lead through the woodland of the park and between the high rock faces. It is quite a hilly place and I can imagine some parts will be slippery on rainy days.

Beaumont Park - walking between the rock faces

Beaumont Park - standing at the bottom of the rock face

Beaumont Park - the hidden gem

Beaumont Park castle ruins

If there is anything I love almost as much as a woodland walk its exploring a new castle or ruins. Beaumont Park has me covered! Hidden in the park are the gorgeous remains of the castle. I love that you can explore all the remains, walking through them, around them and over the top of them.

Beaumont Park walking though the castle ruins

As you can see from the photographs our visit is a couple of months ago now. The trees are bare, the leaves are crunchy underfoot and it is chilly and crisp. I can't wait to again soon and see the difference the seasons make. I'm expecting leafy green trees and cute woodland flowers. Maybe even more ivy over the castle gate.

Have you ever been to Beaumont Park? Where is your favourite woodland walk?

Thursday, 2 May 2019

April favourites

Can you believe we are in May already? It seems like this year is just flying by for me. I am starting a new regular series on my blog today and sharing my monthly favourite things starting with my April favourites. Things I am obsessing over. Things I have been doing. Things I am eating a lot of. And bits and pieces that don't need a full blog review but I want to share with you all.

April favourites - Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker book

April favourites - Hashtag Authentic book

I got Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker in the pre-order but have to admit I am only just reading it now. With not being well and having no energy reading definitely goes out the window! I love this book as it is full of useful Instagram and photography tips as well as gorgeous pictures to look at.

April favourites - Game of Thrones

I am SO happy Game of Thrones is back on our TVs again. So far it has been its usual shocking and stressful self and I can't get enough of it! I have a prediction table going on with my friend Linda and we have weekly, super long, phone calls after each episode. There are only two episodes left now (sobs) though. What we will all do or talk about afterwards?

April favourites - Wild and Game pie

April favourites - Wild and Game pie

Game isn't something I have had before as I am never very sure what I will think of it. I have been gifted the Wild and Game award winning pork, pheasant and caramalised onion pie and man is it good! After a good nosey at their website I have my eye on the pheasant and pear sausages to try next.

April favourites - Stocks flowers

April favourites - stocks flowers

I always thought tulips and daffodils were my favourite flowers. Until my friend Holly sent me a bunch of stocks. Now I have to fill my entire house with them. Not only do they look pretty and eye catching but they have such an amazing fragrance that is so strong it fills the room.

April favourites - Easter chocolates

April favourites - Easter chocolates

Lindt bunnies and Cadbury Mini Eggs are my all time favourite chocolates and it makes me sad you can't get them all year round. Do you know what you can do though? Stock up in the post-Easter sales and hoard enough to last the year!

What things have been your April favourites? Tell me what you have been using, doing and eating. And I would love to know if you have any Game of Thrones predictions for the final two episodes too!

Eating at Trinity Kitchen

*AD - COMPLIMENTARY* The Trinity Centre in Leeds is somewhere I go a lot. With the restaurants, bars, shops and cinema there is everything I need there. One part I haven't been to though is Trinity Kitchen. Luckily for me we were invited down a couple of weeks ago to try out the food there.

About Trinity Kitchen

Trinity Kitchen is a really unique concept for street food dining. There are a few permanent eateries there as well as street food vans that change every eight weeks.

Our Trinity Kitchen meal

Trinity Kitchen Little Tractor beef brisket sandwich on tray

I have the beef brisket from Little Tractor. A huge beef brisket sandwich in a brioche bun with slaw, salad and a giant pickle and also comes with fries. I absolute love it! The beef brisket tastes divine and the chips are really tasty too. It is one of those super messy to eat meals so grab a couple of napkins if you try it.

Trinity Kitchen Little Tractor beef brisket sandwich close up

Ellie wasn't very hungry on the night. (It was only a few days before she was admitted to hospital ... isn't hindsight a wonderful thing though!) So, she just has the Original Fry Up twice baked chips. Naturally I need to pinch a couple, purely for research purposes, and they taste great. I'm not sure what it is about twice baking that makes chips SO much better?

Original Fry Up twice baked chips in paper bag

Although the beef brisket is super filling I was eyeing up the dessert vendor as soon as we got there. So, we have a brownie and ice-cream from Nans Kitchen to share. It is a large portion so great for sharing after a meal. The brownie is warm with a crisp outside and gooey centre, just how I love them! Vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles finish the brownies off.

Nans Kitchen brownie and ice-cream with chocolate sauce and sprinkles

Our Trinity Kitchen review

Both me and Ellie really enjoyed all our food from the different vendors in Trinity Kitchen. I love the concept behind it too. It's great to be able to pick something from different food stalls and be able to sit in the middle together and eat it.
From now on we will make a point of visiting every couple of months to try out the new vendors. I really want to try Pho, one of the permanent eateries, so that is next on my list.

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