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Thursday, 27 June 2019

Hello Sunday Essensory Candle set

AD - GIFTED I don't know about you, but I always love getting little bits for my house. And one of my biggest interior loves is candles. Not only do they look pretty but they give off that relaxing candlelight glow and make the room smell pretty amazing too! I recently received the Hello Sunday Essensory candle set and made it at home in my living room.

About Hello Sunday Essensory candle set

Hello Sunday are an Australian lifestyle brand who have loads of gorgeous home, stationery and fashion items on their site. Everything from candles to cushions, tote bags to wallets and journals to pens.
The Hello Sunday candle set is a three piece set that turns your candles in to a statement piece in the room. As well as the candle there is a porcelain base and heat proof glass lantern.

Hello Sunday Essensory candle set, three piece set laid out on table

My Hello Sunday Essensory candle set review

The Hello Sunday Essensory candle set is super easy to assemble, just pop the candle in the base and light it then push the lantern on the top. It feels really well made with a thick base and sturdy lantern.
The candle is soy wax and has a 25 hour burn time. It is unscented which at first I was a little disappointed about but soon realised I can use my wax melts as usual for scent and this for the glow I don't get from my electric burners. Plus I can easily refill it with a scented candle when this one has burnt out can't I?

Hello Sunday Essensory candle set, unlit and standing on coffee table

Once lit it looks so pretty and really lights up the illustration of the lantern. Even in the daytime you get a gorgeous glow from the set and once it is dark it looks really stunning!

Hello Sunday Essensory candle set, lit and standing of coffee table with peonies and ornament

There are a variety of different colour laterns and this pretty lilac/pink goes perfectly in my grey living room.

At 18cm high it is perfectly portable, sometimes it might be on my window sill and sometimes it might be on the coffee table or tv unit.

Getting a set for each room in the house is definitely on my to-buy list as I update each room.

You can get the Hello Sunday Essensory candle set here and they are $49.99 each.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Lozano Skintea active renewal masque

As the signs of ageing are starting to appear *sobs* I am always looking to up my skincare game. I have previously said I have been wanting to add more acids in to my routine. For the last few weeks I have been trying out the Lozano Skintea active renewal masque, and acid face mask.

Lozano Skintea active renewal masque stood on table in packaging


About Lozano Skintea active renewal masque

Lozano has a simple vision, to create skincare products that work and that are based around trusted scientific research.
The Lozano Skintea active renewal masque contains 3% Hyaluronic Acid to enhance skin hydration and decrease wrinkles, 5% white tea for skin health and appearance and 3% Glycolic & 1% Lactic Acid to exfoliate and brighten skin. It is made in the UK and is cruelty free.

Lozano Skintea active renewal masque stood on table next to packaging

My Lozano Skintea active renewal masque review

Lozano Skintea active renewal masque stood on table with lid off

I'm using the mask twice a week, on an evening after cleansing and toning. It is really easy to use, just splash water on your face, massage the mask in and leave for 15 minutes. Then wash it off, I use a hot cloth and massage it off again which makes it a great week night treat for my skin. Despite my double cleanse and tone routine there is sometimes make up residue on my cloth, so it is definitely deeply exfoliating.
After the first use my skin feels clean, soft and smooth. And after a few uses my skin is a lot brighter and feeling really moisturised. Colleagues and friends have been complimenting me on how well I look in the last week, so the brightness must be noticeable to them as well.
I haven't had any reactions to the mask, whilst it is on my skin or afterwards. As always I will note I don't have sensitive skin and have a normal skin type so reactions for me are rare.
I also really love the packaging of the face mask. The labelling is clean and bright and stands out. The bottle feels quite heavy and solid, the stainless steels gives it a luxury feel too.

You can buy the Lozano Skintea active renewal masque here and it is £32 for a 50ml bottle. At the moment there is 10% off with the code LAUNCH10.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Things to do in Knaresborough for the day

Knaresborough, in Harrogate North Yorkshire, is a pretty market and spa town about an hour away from Leeds. It is probably most famous for Mother Shipton's cave. (We went when Ellie was little, she was frightened...we didn't go back!) A couple of months ago we spent a day exploring everything there is to do there. Here are our best things to do in Knaresborough.

Firstly I will say If you are driving in to have a day in Knaresborough, I recommend the York Place car park. It is just £1.60 for the day and a 10 minute walk from the centre.

Things to do in Knaresborough - Knaresborough town windows trail

Things to do in Knaresborough - Knaresborough town windows trail

There are some gorgeous painted bricked up windows around the town in Knaresborough. I only found out after coming home that you can download a guide to follow the trail of them and they all depict characters and events from the town. Bricking up windows in Georgian houses is a common feature as it was done to avoid window tax or make houses more symmetrical. Next time we visit I will definitely get the guide and find all of the windows on it.

Things to do in Knaresborough - Knaresborough Castle

You know me and Castles, so when spending a day in Knaresborough I was always going to come here wasn't I?! Knaresborough Castle is a medieval ruin sitting at the top of the hill overlooking the River Nidd. It's a lovely place to walk around and has gorgeous views.

Things to do in Knaresborough - Knaresborough Castle ruins

Things to do in Knaresborough - Knaresborough Castle ruins

I have a photo of Ellie sat on the mosaic by the Castle as a toddler so it is nice to see it again all these years later.

Things to do in Knaresborough - Knaresborough Castle mosaic

If you are lucky the Knaresborough Castle ravens will be out for you to see. I would love to stroke one but apparently they are not too friendly! The ravens are huge and look so stunning. It's not often you get to see them up close either.

Things to do in Knaresborough - Knaresborough raven sat on the Castle ruins

Things to do in Knaresborough - River Nidd riverside walk

If you've ever seen any photographs of Knaresborough the River Nidd riverside will be it.

Things to do in Knaresborough - River Nidd viaduct

You can walk along to the aqueduct where there's rowing boats and a cafe. On a warm Summer day it will be lovely to rent a boat and paddle along the river, or sit with a drink and watch everyone else doing it.

Things to do in Knaresborough - boats on River Nidd

It is really beautiful and so picturesque down there. I imagine no matter what time of year you visit it will always be pretty there.

Things to do in Knaresborough - River Nidd viaduct

You can also walk along the river the opposite way. There is not a lot down there but it's a nice walk.

Things to do in Knaresborough - River Nidd


Things to do in Knaresborough - the town

If you're spending the day in Knaresborough there is plenty to do in the centre. Lots of shops, cafes, bars and pubs. Market day is a Wednesday and definitely worth a walk around. Although we didn't go to go shopping we did come home with a couple of punnets of strawberries from the fruit and veg stall!

Have you been to Knaresborough before?


Thursday, 13 June 2019

Helping my healthy kick with Health Lab wellness and beauty snacks

*AD - GIFTED* For the last few months I have been quietly trying to clean up my diet and add more fitness to my day. I walk so much more than before, aiming for at least 3 miles a day. Whilst I am not dieting I am trying to eat more healthier and looking at the nutrition of what I'm eating. My breakfast, lunch and dinner are all much healthier (with the occasional treats here and there of course!) one thing I am struggling with is snacks. Fruit just doesn't cut it sometimes does it? Luckily for me the Health Lab wellness and beauty snacks have me covered!

Health Lab wellness and beauty snacks with kettle bells and trainers

About Health Lab wellness and beauty snacks

Health Lab was born from a kitchen in Australia in 2015 when Jess, the founder, saw a gap for actually healthy snacks that satisfy the sugar craving.
There are vegan protein balls, hemp energy balls, collagen protein balls and probiotic gut health balls. They are all made from natural ingredients with no surprise nasties in there.

Health Lab wellness and beauty snacks laid on table

My Health Lab wellness and beauty snacks experience

I have been sent six different snacks to try.
  • Mixed berry probiotic ball
  • Choc brownie protein ball
  • Espresso hemp energy ball
  • Salted caramel protein ball
  • Choc matcha probiotic ball
  • Peanut butter choc hemp energy ball
Each 40g ball is individually wrapped and I really love the different colours. They are girly and if you have a few in the cupboard you can easily see which one you want. The labelling is great, you can easily see the ingredients (I can confirm there are no hidden or unusual things in there) as well as the nutritional information.
All of the Health Lab wellness and beauty snacks taste great. (Though I can't comment on the espresso energy ball as due to my caffeine intolerance I daren't try it). They have are firm and chewy with occasional crunchy bits. They are not gritty or powdery.  My favourites are the salted caramel and choc brownie protein balls. Which is great as protein is definitely something I need to up in my macros.

Health Lab wellness and beauty snacks unwrapped on a plate

Each ball, although small, is full of flavour and really hits the snack craving spot.

Health Lab wellness and beauty snacks cut in half on a plate

There are some collagen protein balls on the Health Lab website that I am super interested in trying. Upping protein, healthy snacking AND boosting collagen definitely sounds good to me!

What are your go to healthy snacks? Are the Health Lab wellness and beauty snacks something you would eat?

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Wok to Walk Leeds

*AD - COMPLIMENTARY* It's no surprise by now that Asian food is one of my favourites, especially if it is street food style. A new branch of Wok to Walk has opened in Leeds In January this year and I was invited down to try it out a couple of weeks ago.

Wok To Walk Leeds, seating area

Wok to Walk takes its inspiration from all different Asian cuisines, blending them in to a delicious fusion of ingredients and flavours.
You are able to the food out or eat in. I love the choices of individual tables or the more communal long table.

Wok To Walk Leeds, plants in takeout carton

The decor is bright and airy with plenty of colour. I really love the caption posters up on the walls. How appropriate is this one to sit near during Game of Thrones season?

Wok To Walk Leeds, dragon slogan poster

Wok to Walk Leeds, The food

Wok To Walk Leeds, food cooking in wok with lots of flames

One thing I really love about Wok to Walk is the ordering concept. You choose everything that goes in to your meal and it is cooked in the wok in front of you.
There are different bases of noodles, grains and vegetables, then ingredients such as meats, veggies and nuts, different sauces and different toppings.

Wok To Walk Leeds, takeout carton and lemonade

This is wholewheat noodles with pulled beef, onions, peppers, Tokyo (teriyaki sauce) and sesame seeds. It is SO good! There is a generous amount of meat and veg in with the noodles and the sauce tastes amazing.

Wok To Walk Leeds, pulled beef, vegetables and noodles

 This is egg noodles with chicken katsu, cashew nuts, onions, Koh Toh (green curry) sauce and coriander. This is a bit too spicy for my taste but my friend Linda loves it. The chicken katsu is gorgeous and definitely something I'll order next time.

Wok To Walk Leeds, chicken panko, vegetables and noodles

And this is a side dish, chicken, peppers, onion, Saigon (garlic and black pepper) sauce with fried onions. I didn't get to taste this but can say it is the perfect size for a lunch dish or if you are carb free.

Wok To Walk Leeds, chicken side dish

I can't fault any part of our meal at Wok to Walk. The staff are lovely and the food is delicious. I really recommend the homemade lemonade too, it is perfect!

If you want to try out the new Leeds branch you can use the discount code wtwleeds20 for 20% off your order.

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