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Thursday, 30 May 2019

A quick at home manicure with Kiss nails

*AD - GIFTED* It is confession time today guys. As a former nail blogger I am a bit of a nail snob. I definitely prefer natural nails over extensions. A couple of years ago you would always see me with freshly painted nails every day. Nowadays though things are different as my thyroid disease causes havoc with my nails! They will not grow, they are brittle and soft and don't even ask about my cuticles. My skin is also super dry and definitely won't manage a daily acetone soak anymore. Recently I was sent a goodie bag from Kiss which has the Gel Fantasy nails and the impress nails. It's a perfect chance for me to test out some false nails.

Kiss nails

Kiss nails

Kiss nails gel fantasy

I have the Kiss Gel Fantasy nails in a vampy deep red colour. The nails are super glossy and look like a gel manicure. There are 28 nails in the box in different sizes as well as adhesive tabs and nail glue.

I also have the Kiss ImPress press on nails in a baby blue and blue glitter colour. There are 30 different size nails in this pack and they have an adhesive tab already on them.

Kiss nails ImPress

My Kiss ImPress manicure

I am trying out the Kiss ImPress nails first as they look super summery and are the kind of nails I would paint myself.
It is really easy to find the nails that fit each finger and each nail has a sticky tab to attach it to your nail. Just peel the backing off the tab and press it on to your nail. I was a bit sceptical about how well the tab would hold the false nail on. And there is definitely nothing to worry about there! It is actually quite hard (but not impossible) to un-stick them, even if you try straight away.

The manicure looks great and I'm really happy with my Kiss Impress manicure.

Kiss nails ImPress manicure

What do you think of press on nails? What is your go-to manicure look?

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