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Thursday, 30 January 2020

Returning to blogging

2019 was quite the emotional roller coaster for me and for a while became completely overwhelming. I had to disappear and you might have been wondering where I've been.

The highs of the year were amazing, Ellie has left school now, looked stunning at Prom, smashed her GCSE's and has started college and her first job. I couldn't be more proud of her.

Ellie standing in front of tall flowers in her prom dress

I bought our house and we had an amazing holiday together in the summer.

I'm with Tom, a holiday romance from 17 years ago who has been one of my closest friends since and he really is the love of my life.

Me and Tom together

But all of the highs were overtaken by health issues. After a routine examination I was told they had incidentally found a suspicious tumour in my bowel. And my whole world crumbled.There was four painstakingly long months of tests, scans, MDT meetings and meeting different surgeons before major surgery to remove it. It's out and I got the all clear once my biopsy results came back.
I regret not being able to use my (albeit tiny) corner of the internet to spread awareness and share what I was going through but, I had to do what I needed to do to get through it. For me that was hibernating away. Concentrating on the things that really matter in life when it comes down to it. And, after the surgery, healing all the trauma my mind and body has been through.

My journey the last 6 months is something I will talk about soon. We need to catch up on the new direction my life and consequently blog are going in and we'll do that soon too.

For now though I am back in my happy place, typing away and sharing things with you all. Returning to blogging at last.

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