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Thursday, 25 June 2020

Fake Bake mystery bag

I recently saw on Facebook the Fake Bake mystery bag and couldn't resist ordering. Just in case you haven't seen what it is, it is £20 and you will receive at least 4 products worth up to £100. The sales help the beauty industries earnings through the pandemic as Fake Bake will use the money made to provide free spray tanning liquid for professional customers.


Inside my Fake Bake mystery bag

My Fake Bake mystery bag arrived really quickly and I couldn't wait to see what was inside. It's a real treat!

Fake Bake mystery bag contents, laid out on white wooden background

  • Two Fake Bake lip glosses. Unfortunately these are no longer on the website but a quick search and it seems like they are no longer making them but that they were around £6 each.

  • The Fake Bake Skin D Luxe prime time, a full size 50ml bottle worth £10.

  • A Fake Bake Skin D Luxe No Needles, another full size 15ml bottle that's also worth £10.

My thoughts on the Fake Bake mystery bag

My Fake Bake mystery bag is worth a total of £57.99 which is an absolute bargain for the £20 I paid. I love their fake tan so will definitely be using the airbrush self-tanner. I am usually a mousse tan girl so I'm looking forward to trying a new way to put it on.
If I am being honest I won't be using the lip glosses so they will go to a new home. They are pretty but I just don't like lip gloss.
The skin care is something I can't wait to try too. After weeks of being in full PPE my face is so sore and I don't want to try anything new on it right now. As soon as it is back to normal I'll be giving them a good trial and letting you know what I think of them all.

If you want to pick up a good deal, and support the beauty industry too, you can get a mystery bag here.

Let me know if you do and come back and tell me what goodies are in your bag.


Thursday, 18 June 2020

Comfy Casual with Femme Luxe


Comfy casual with Femme Luxe / sitting on the sofa in a grey loungewear set

Comfy casual with Femme Luxe / standing in front of a canvas in a grey loungewear set

Comfy casual with Femme Luxe / standing in front of a large canvas with cream cargo trousers and white vest

Comfy casual with Femme Luxe / standing in front of a large canvas with cream cargo trousers and white vest

Comfy casual with Femme Luxe / standing in front of a large canvas with white Be Kind t-shirt

Comfy casual with Femme Luxe / flat lay with Be Kind t-shirt and pink peonies


Thursday, 4 June 2020

Post pandemic wish list

Although lockdown is slowly easing here in England, if you're anything like me it has been starting to get to you. I'm obviously going to follow the government guidance and do what we need to for as long as we have to...but that doesn't stop me planning my post pandemic wish list. Have you been planning a list of things you're going to do as soon as this is over? Here is mine.

Post pandemic wish list - 1. Visiting the people I miss most

Me, Tom and Ellie are spending lock down together and I'm so lucky to not be alone through it. But, I can't wait to see all the other people I'm missing so much. My mum, my nan, my sister and my friends. Not seeing any of them recently on my birthday really heightens how much I miss them all. FaceTime and phone calls help us keep in touch ... but it's just not the same as a hug from your mum is it? As soon as we can I'll be visiting everyone.

post pandemic wish list - visiting family and friends, a selfie with my mum

Post pandemic wish list - 2 Go to the hairdressers

My. roots. are. awful. Like the worst they have ever been.
I had to rearrange my last hair appointment before the lockdown and I can't tell you how much I'm kicking myself now! As soon as they reopen I'll be there. I do have a bleaching kit here but I'm going to try not to give in and do it myself. (The memory of my bleaching horror is still too strong!)

Post pandemic wish list - visit the hairdressers - looking down at the floor with roots visible

Post pandemic wish list - 3. Go to the seaside

We have been getting out and about, walking in our local area most days. But, I can't wait to spend the week looking forward to a family day out at the weekend. And it's just got to be the Seaside. I want salty sea air, fish and chips, ice-cream and to walk around surrounded by the hustle and bustle of people.

post pandemic wish list Walking Whitby to Sandsend - view of Whitby from Sandsend

Post pandemic wish list - 4. Date night

It feels like forever ago since Tom and I went on a date. I'm looking forward to being able to plan something, look forward to it then spend a day getting ready. I'll be going all out for our first post pandemic date, tan, hair done, make up and a pretty dress.

post pandemic wish list - me and Tom walking in the woods - date night

Post pandemic wish list - 5. A shopping day with Ellie

Although we've been in the house together pretty much every minute I'm not at work, a day out with Ellie is very much needed. I'm thinking a day wandering around the shops, treating ourselves and lunch or coffee and a cake somewhere.

post pandemic wish list - a day with Ellie / A day in Barcelona - Place de Catalunya fountains

Post pandemic wish list - 6. Visit the pub

You just can't have a wish list that doesn't include the pub can you? The recent weather we've been having is total beer garden weather. That first cold cider, icy gin or cool cocktail sat in a beer garden is going to be amazing after all of this is over.

post pandemic wish list Gin Festival Leeds Tinker Berry Fizz cocktail

Post pandemic wish list - 5. Have a meal out

It will be no surprise to any of you to hear I'm a total foodie. Eating out is my favourite past time. I have a constant "to eat at" wish list and I can't wait to get back to planning my meals out and trying new places or revisiting old favourites.

post pandemic wish list Jamie's Italian Super Lunch truffle tagliatelle

I would love to know what things you have been missing during lock down? And what things are on your wish list?


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