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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Moonpig moments virtual event

*AD - PR EVENT* A few weeks ago I attended my first (virtual) blogging event in SO long. Between my illness and surgery then, obviously, coronavirus I haven't been to anything for well over a year! The Moonpig moments virtual event was a great night, virtually hanging out with other bloggers and finding out more about the world of Moonpig. I also have a great discount for you all, perfect for getting the Christmas cards in, at the end of the post. 

Moonpig moments - the app

If you're like me you're very aware of Moonpig already, you know they sell cards and like most people if nothing else sent birthday cards from them through the first lockdown. I had no idea they had an app (make sure you download it here) or the wide range of things, other than cards, they actually sell. Fortunately Jasper from Moonpig was on hand to talk us through the app and everything it has to offer. 
Moonpig app photograph birthday card

My favourite features of the app, that you might not know about are:

The ability to set reminders. A great way to keep up with everyones birthdays and special occasions. Add them all to the app (you can even import them from your phones calendar) and let the notifications remind you to buy a card. 
Moonpig app reminder screen

The handwritten message feature is great! Just write your message on a plain piece of paper and upload it in to the app and your handwriting will be printed inside the card. I love how much more personal the card will seem. 
Moonpig app handwritten feature

You can buy your cards and set the date you would like them to be sent. I am SO unorganised with cards so sitting at the start of the month, quarter or even year and getting them all done and sent out is a great idea. 

With lockdown 2 about to hit the UK I will be using Moonpig to design and make Christmas cards to send to the family I'm probably not going to see now. I know how much more my Nan will love a Christmas card with a photograph of us on rather than the generic shop bought ones. 

Moonpig Moments - the flowers

My favourite part of the Moonpig moments virtual event was a flower arranging workshop. I love fresh flowers but to be honest never really know how to "arrange" them. 
We received a Christmas bouquet from Moonpig and were talked through arranging them into a floral centrepiece. How gorgeous does this look? 
Moonpig Christmas flower bouquet

Moonpig Christmas flowers table decoration arrangement

Flowers are something I had no idea you can get on Moonpig but love that I now know I can get a card and bouquet sent out all from the same place in one go. Receiving a surprise bunch of flowers can completely change a day. At a time when families and loved ones are separated especially over the upcoming festive season a bouquet could be the perfect present to send. 

Moonpig moments - the cocktails

Another great gift idea (and again something I didn't know I could buy from Moonpig) is alcohol. From prosecco and wine to gin and vodka. At the virtual event we had a cocktail masterclass with Conor from Mix & Twist and were shown how to make 3 delicious cocktails with a bottle of Belvedere vodka. 
Moonpig Belvedere vodka

Again I love that I can send a Christmas card and a bottle of something to people I can't see at the moment. 

The Moonpig Moments virtual event was a great night and really informative too. If you want to order a card, flowers or gifts you can find Moonpig here and don't forget to use the discount code below. 

*DISCOUNT CODE* Make sure you use the code APP20CA for 20% off cards

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