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Saturday, 5 December 2020

L'Occitane My Comforting Essentials gift set giveaway

 It is day 5 of my December giveaways and today I have a L'Occitane My Comforting Essentials gift set for one of you to win. 

Inside there is the savon extra-doux (extra gentle soap), Creme ultra riche (ultra rich cream) and Creme mains peaux saches (dry skin hand cream). All are perfect for sore hands with the cold weather or extra hand washing we're all doing at the moment. 

Entry is easy, just click on the Rafflecopter link below


Thursday, 3 December 2020

Soap and Glory the Pink Credibles gift set giveaway

A firm favourite to unwrap on Christmas morning at our house is anything from Soap and Glory. It always smells lush and is a treat to use. So today I have for you the Soap and Glory The Pink Credibles gift set giveaway.

Soap and Glory the Pink Credibles gift set

Inside the tin is Clean on Me creamy clarifying shower gel, The Scrub Of Your Life body buffer, The Righteous Butter body butter, Hand Food hydrating hand cream and Bright and Beautiful radiance boosting mask.

Soap and Glory the Pink Credibles gift set

Make sure you enter using Rafflecopter below and good luck!

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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Champneys body butter gift set giveaway

 Today I have for you all a Champneys body butter gift set giveaway. Champneys is one of my favourite body care brands and I love their body butters. 

Champneys body butter gift set

Inside you'll find the citrus blush enlivening, summer dream rewarding, heavenly days relaxing and cloud nine indulgent body butters. 

Champneys body butter gift set

Make sure you enter, using Rafflecopter below, and good luck! 

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Thursday, 25 June 2020

Fake Bake mystery bag

I recently saw on Facebook the Fake Bake mystery bag and couldn't resist ordering. Just in case you haven't seen what it is, it is £20 and you will receive at least 4 products worth up to £100. The sales help the beauty industries earnings through the pandemic as Fake Bake will use the money made to provide free spray tanning liquid for professional customers.


Inside my Fake Bake mystery bag

My Fake Bake mystery bag arrived really quickly and I couldn't wait to see what was inside. It's a real treat!

Fake Bake mystery bag contents, laid out on white wooden background

  • Two Fake Bake lip glosses. Unfortunately these are no longer on the website but a quick search and it seems like they are no longer making them but that they were around £6 each.

  • The Fake Bake Skin D Luxe prime time, a full size 50ml bottle worth £10.

  • A Fake Bake Skin D Luxe No Needles, another full size 15ml bottle that's also worth £10.

My thoughts on the Fake Bake mystery bag

My Fake Bake mystery bag is worth a total of £57.99 which is an absolute bargain for the £20 I paid. I love their fake tan so will definitely be using the airbrush self-tanner. I am usually a mousse tan girl so I'm looking forward to trying a new way to put it on.
If I am being honest I won't be using the lip glosses so they will go to a new home. They are pretty but I just don't like lip gloss.
The skin care is something I can't wait to try too. After weeks of being in full PPE my face is so sore and I don't want to try anything new on it right now. As soon as it is back to normal I'll be giving them a good trial and letting you know what I think of them all.

If you want to pick up a good deal, and support the beauty industry too, you can get a mystery bag here.

Let me know if you do and come back and tell me what goodies are in your bag.


Thursday, 22 August 2019

Valentte divine natural skincare and home fragrance

I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone to hear me say I love gorgeous smelling beauty products and home fragrances. I love nothing more than a pamper evening with luxurious skin care and a divine smelling candle lit to relax me. Valentte recently sent me a bundle of their products to try out and give my thoughts on.

Valentte candle, hand cream and body scrub standing on table

Valentte white neroli and lemon hand cream

Valentte hand cream standing on table

Firstly the Valentte white neroli and lemon hand cream. I have such dry skin (thanks thyroid!) so always love a good hand cream. This has shea butter and coconut oil making it rich and nourishing. It is a thick consistency and a little goes a long way. The essential oils give it a gorgeous, long lasting fragrance. After using it my skin feels soft and moisturised and my dry, splitting cuticles are looking and feeling so much better.

Valentte hand cream jar with lid off

Valentte lemongrass and rosemary candle

Valentte candle jar on table

The Valentte lemongrass and rosemary candle is a real treat. It is a soy wax candle with essential oils in a heavy glass jar. The candle smells amazing and gives a great throw of scent. Even unlit you can still smell it sitting on my living room window sill. It burns evenly with no tunnelling and it isn't leaving any sooty residue anywhere. I am really impressed with the candle and will definitely be trying out some more of their scents. Any of my "real life" friends can expect to be finding one in their Christmas presents too as I think they will make great gifts...if you can bear to part with it.

Valentte mandarin and grapefruit body scrub

Valentte body scrub jar on table

For me, the favourite product is the Valentte mandarin and grapefruit body scrub. It is a dead sea salt scrub enriched with jojoba and almond oils and essential oils. Like the other products the fragrance is amazing and lasts long after you rinse the scrub off. The scrub itself is really luxurious, the sea salt gives great exfoliation and the oils really moisturise the skin. I have given myself a full body exfoliation four times with my jar.
During the warmer weather my jar did separate slightly, but a good stir or a couple of hours in the fridge and it was as good as new.

Valentte body scrub close up of scrub inside jar

I am really happy with all three of the Valnette products I have been trying. The essential oils make everything smell SO good and the quality of them all is brilliant. It is definitely a new favourite brand of mine.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Lozano Skintea active renewal masque

As the signs of ageing are starting to appear *sobs* I am always looking to up my skincare game. I have previously said I have been wanting to add more acids in to my routine. For the last few weeks I have been trying out the Lozano Skintea active renewal masque, and acid face mask.

Lozano Skintea active renewal masque stood on table in packaging


About Lozano Skintea active renewal masque

Lozano has a simple vision, to create skincare products that work and that are based around trusted scientific research.
The Lozano Skintea active renewal masque contains 3% Hyaluronic Acid to enhance skin hydration and decrease wrinkles, 5% white tea for skin health and appearance and 3% Glycolic & 1% Lactic Acid to exfoliate and brighten skin. It is made in the UK and is cruelty free.

Lozano Skintea active renewal masque stood on table next to packaging

My Lozano Skintea active renewal masque review

Lozano Skintea active renewal masque stood on table with lid off

I'm using the mask twice a week, on an evening after cleansing and toning. It is really easy to use, just splash water on your face, massage the mask in and leave for 15 minutes. Then wash it off, I use a hot cloth and massage it off again which makes it a great week night treat for my skin. Despite my double cleanse and tone routine there is sometimes make up residue on my cloth, so it is definitely deeply exfoliating.
After the first use my skin feels clean, soft and smooth. And after a few uses my skin is a lot brighter and feeling really moisturised. Colleagues and friends have been complimenting me on how well I look in the last week, so the brightness must be noticeable to them as well.
I haven't had any reactions to the mask, whilst it is on my skin or afterwards. As always I will note I don't have sensitive skin and have a normal skin type so reactions for me are rare.
I also really love the packaging of the face mask. The labelling is clean and bright and stands out. The bottle feels quite heavy and solid, the stainless steels gives it a luxury feel too.

You can buy the Lozano Skintea active renewal masque here and it is £32 for a 50ml bottle. At the moment there is 10% off with the code LAUNCH10.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

A quick at home manicure with Kiss nails

*AD - GIFTED* It is confession time today guys. As a former nail blogger I am a bit of a nail snob. I definitely prefer natural nails over extensions. A couple of years ago you would always see me with freshly painted nails every day. Nowadays though things are different as my thyroid disease causes havoc with my nails! They will not grow, they are brittle and soft and don't even ask about my cuticles. My skin is also super dry and definitely won't manage a daily acetone soak anymore. Recently I was sent a goodie bag from Kiss which has the Gel Fantasy nails and the impress nails. It's a perfect chance for me to test out some false nails.

Kiss nails

Kiss nails

Kiss nails gel fantasy

I have the Kiss Gel Fantasy nails in a vampy deep red colour. The nails are super glossy and look like a gel manicure. There are 28 nails in the box in different sizes as well as adhesive tabs and nail glue.

I also have the Kiss ImPress press on nails in a baby blue and blue glitter colour. There are 30 different size nails in this pack and they have an adhesive tab already on them.

Kiss nails ImPress

My Kiss ImPress manicure

I am trying out the Kiss ImPress nails first as they look super summery and are the kind of nails I would paint myself.
It is really easy to find the nails that fit each finger and each nail has a sticky tab to attach it to your nail. Just peel the backing off the tab and press it on to your nail. I was a bit sceptical about how well the tab would hold the false nail on. And there is definitely nothing to worry about there! It is actually quite hard (but not impossible) to un-stick them, even if you try straight away.

The manicure looks great and I'm really happy with my Kiss Impress manicure.

Kiss nails ImPress manicure

What do you think of press on nails? What is your go-to manicure look?

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Sunkissed gradual tan mist

I confess myself as being something of a fake tan queen. Not all that long ago you would always see me with a tan. Nowadays I am not quite so obsessive with it but do like a tan for nights out or during the spring and summer. I have been sent the Sunkissed gradual tan mist to try out recently and I'm sharing it with you today.

Sunkissed self tan and mitt in box

About Sunkissed gradual tan mist

Sunkissed self tan standing on wooden table

The new Sunkissed gradual tan mist is a light and moisturising formula. It contains argan oil to moisturise and nourish whilst the tan develops. The formula is 95% natural and contains no parabens, alcohol, sulphates or silicone. The bottle is 100% recyclable and is made from up to 30& recycled plastic. It is also cruelty free and vegan friendly too.

There is light/medium or medium/dark colours.

The bottle is 150mls and is £13.99.

Sunkissed self tan mitt

My Sunkissed gradual tan mist review

Sunkissed self tan - my arm before using the tan

As you can see from my before photo above, I am naturally super pale. Whilst I don't burn in the sun I don't tan easily either, it has to be super hot for me to have any colour.
And you can see in the photo below the Sunkissed gradual tan mist builds up to a gorgeous, natural looking tan. I am really happy with the colour, it isn't too dark and it isn't too orange either.

Sunkissed self tan - after photograph standing in the garden

I usually use a mousse when tanning so a mist is new to me. It's really easy to use though, just spray it on and rub it in with a mitt. As it's a spray you must put a good thick layer of moisturiser on your feet. I can tell you from experience the mist obviously drops down on to them!
The mist has a coconut scent that will instantly remind you of holidays and suncream. I use it on a night before bed and by the morning the coconut scent is still slightly there but that fake tan smell does creep through.

Some false tans can be really drying on the skin but this is definitely moisturising. You can definitely tell there is argan oil in the formula. Keeping your skin moisturised when you are wearing a tanning product will help it last longer and not fade patchily too.

As the mist is a gradual tan it is something you need to build up. For my after photograph I have used it two nights running. Obviously if you want a deeper tan use it for another day or two.

What I love about this is it will be great for holidays. If you have skin like mine you can use it whilst you are there and build up a tan over your holiday. Or you can use it when you get home to prolong your holiday glow.

Whilst I don't think this will totally replace my usual tan completely (sometimes I am lazy and just like to apply on a Friday night ready for Saturday night) there is definitely a place for it in my tanning routine. A bottle will definitely be coming with me on our holiday to Majorca in a few weeks time.

You can grab a bottle of the Sunkissed gradual tan mist here. Make sure you let me know if you try it out!

Are you a fan of false tan? Which is your favourite tanning product?

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Generation Skincare Vitamin C serum

*AD - GIFTED* It's been a while since we had a chat about new skincare goodies hasn't it? I like to think I've got a really good skincare routine and I'm happy with what I'm using. But, it never hurts to add something new does it? So, when I was sent the Generation Skincare Vitamin C serum I was looking forward to mixing things up.

About Generation Skincare Vitamin C serum

Generation Skincare Vitamin C serum

The Generation Skincare Vitamin C serum advertises that it heals acne prone skin, heals sun damage, improves fine lines and wrinkles, plumps the skin, improves hydration, increases skins elasticity and promotes radiant skin.

The ingredients include vitamin C (ascorbic acid), hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, green tea and ferulic acid. As well as being alcohol, sulphate and paraben free it is also cruelty free and vegan.

My Generation Skincare Vitamin C serum review

Generation Skincare Vitamin C serum

The Generation Skincare Vitamin C serum is in a 30ml dropper glass bottle. I really like dropper bottles for oils and serums as you get just the right amount of product so no wastage. The bright orange labelling is eye-catching and stands out on my dressing table.

The serum is an amber colour and exactly the consistency you would expect. A little goes a long way just 5 or 6 drops covers my face and neck.

This is my first time using acids on my face so I had no idea what to expect from it.

I am using the serum all over my face (but I do avoid my eyes) on a night after cleansing and toning and before my moisturiser. There is a slight tingle as I first put it on but it quickly stops and I certainly wouldn't say it is painful or uncomfortable.

From the first use my skin felts a lot smoother and softer and really hydrated. After around a week it looked brighter to me and felt really plump. By the second week friends at work were saying how well I looked and one of my close friends asked if I had a new highlighter. (FYI I had no make up on at all when I saw her!)

I really recommend washing your hands really well after putting it on as it does give them a slight orange tinge. Which is strange as no colour shows up on my face or neck.

After six weeks the serum hasn't caused any reactions or problems. My skin looks healthy and feels great. As it has only been six weeks I can't comment on the anti-ageing claims but I am here for anything that can keep away the fine lines longer for me.

My bottle is almost empty and I will definitely be replacing it as I can't recommend this serum enough.

You can get Generation Skincare Vitamin C serum here and it is £13.99.

Do you use acids? If you do please give me your recommendations as I would love to try more after using this.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Ion Sei Toothbrush & giveaway

*AD - GIFTED* When you think of your beauty regimen what kind of things spring to mind? Skin care? Make up? The latest eye liner trend? Your teeth will probably come quite far down the list, but they really should be up there at the top! I love the feeling of squeaky clean teeth and the confidence that gives me to smile more. And you can't get your teeth feeling cleaner than with an electric toothbrush. I have been sent the Ion Sei electric toothbrush by Sanyei to trial. Keep reading until the end as there is a giveaway for you to win one of your own.

About the Ion Sei electric toothbrush

Ion Sei electric toothbrush - boxed

The Ion Sei toothbrush has some pretty impressive patent technology. Ions are generated in the central bar which helps suppress bacteria and plaque formation. It vibrates at 31,000 strokes per minute. This means smoother and cleaner feeling teeth over time

Unboxing the Ion Sei electric toothbrush

Ion Sei electric toothbrush - contents inside the box

Inside the Ion Sei electric toothbrush box is the toothbrush handle, two different heads, a charging base / stand and UK and EU adapter.

Whilst it comes with two different heads, a standard toothbrush style one and the spiral head, you can also get a smaller size too.

Ion Sei electric toothbrush - different toothbrush heads

My Ion Sei electric toothbrush review

Ion Sei electric toothbrush - standing on the charging stand

I am using the Ion Sei electric toothbrush twice a day, and have been for the last three weeks. The first few times using the toothbrush is a bit strange. The head doesn't oscillate like other electric brushes I have and feels very gentle on the teeth and gums. Almost like it isn't actually brushing them. But, you quickly realise you don't need to "brush" like a regular toothbrush and it is just a super gentle way of cleaning them. My favourite head to use is the spiral one as it seems to get right in between each tooth. There are three settings, low, medium and high, I personally prefer the higher speed but there is no real reason for that.

Obviously, without going to the Dentist, I can't tell you about the bacteria or plaque levels. But I can tell you my teeth feel incredibly clean, and I am noticing my teeth don't have as much of a coating on a morning.

I really like the charging stand, it's compact, does the job and I like that you can store other heads on there. Once fully charged the Ion Sei electric toothbrush will last 3-4 days before you need to charge it again.

You can get your own Ion Sei electric toothbrush in both blue and white.

Win an Ion Sei electric toothbrush

If you would like to try the Ion Sei electric toothbrush make sure you enter my giveaway below.

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Thursday, 11 October 2018

How to have a perfect pamper night in

*AD - GIFTED* This time of year my focus always shifts on to wellness and self care. My mood always dips slightly as the season changes. The colder, wetter weather and darker mornings and nights are not something I enjoy at all. Even if your mood doesn't change with the seasons we're moving in to a busy, expensive and stressful time of year, Christmas. Today I'm sharing my tips and tricks on how to have a perfect pamper night to relax the body and mind.

How to have a perfect pamper night - why you need to

Most of us know we need to look after ourselves, body and mind, but I'm sure a lot of us forget about ourselves in our busy days. With working, looking after families, housework, exercise and cooking etc it can seem like there just aren't enough hours in the day as it is. But you can't look after anyone else or keep running at full speed if you don't make some time for yourself too. The more you put in to your self care the more you will get out of it.

How to have a perfect pamper night

The majority of my perfect pamper night takes place in the bathroom. For me, my bathroom is my happy place. A place where I can be totally alone to relax and hide myself away from the world. I don't have the bathroom of dreams, it's super small but has everything I need and I have made it a cosy, relaxing space. My ultimate house goal is a large bathroom with a huge freestanding bath. Imagine the relaxation (and insta photos) I could get in one.

How to have a perfect pamper night - bath with bath tray

How to have a perfect pamper night - Tip one

If I am having a pampering night I have to start with a clean and tidy house. There is nothing worse than spending an hour or so pampering myself only to have to do the washing up or ironing afterwards.

How to have a perfect pamper night - Tip two

Change the bedsheets. Getting in to clean, fresh bedding is the best feeling in the world. And getting in to clean, fresh bedding after a perfect pamper night is even better.

How to have a perfect pamper night - butterfly bedsheets

How to have a perfect pamper night - Tip three

Have a long hot bath. Add your favourite bath bomb, bubble bath or bath oil and soak all the stress and tension away. I love relaxing in mine with just candlelight and wearing a face and hair mask whilst I'm soaking to make it even more luxurious.

How to have a perfect pamper night - Lush bath bomb

How to have a perfect pamper night - Tip four

Pamper your skin. Whilst I religiously stick to my facial skin care routine I can't say the same for the rest of my skin. So a good exfoliate then moisturise with my favourite body butter or lotion is a real treat.

How to have a perfect pamper night - beauty products on bath tray

How to have a perfect pamper night - Tip five

Treat your tastebuds. I love a huge mug of hot chocolate or a glass of fizz when I'm relaxing. A bar of chocolate or slice of cake is always a good idea too.

How to have a perfect pamper night - hot chocolate in a flamingo mug

How to have a perfect pamper night - Tip six

Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. A lot of you already know I am a former nail blogger so always keep up to my nails but if you don't, do them. A fresh manicure always makes me feel happier and more "put together".

How to have a perfect pamper night - new nail art manicure

How to have a perfect pamper night - Tip seven

Have an early night. That crisp fresh bedding will feel amazing after a perfect pamper night. Curl up in bed with a book or your fave Netflix show and enjoy the rest.


Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Eyewake Intense Effect face cream

*AD - GIFTED* Regular reader will know I am a huge skincare fan. Finding new lotions and potions to help fight the battle against the signs of ageing is becoming a hobby of mine. My favourite anti-ageing eye cream, the Eyewake eye serum have a new product out, Eyewake Intense Effect face cream.

About the Eyewake Intense Effect face cream

Eyewake Intense Effect face cream

The Eyewake Intense Effect face cream is an anti-wrinkle face cream to protect skin from premature ageing, reduce fine lines and improve the complexion. It contains premium ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, Coenzyme Q10, pure essential oils, natural plant botanicals and natural anti oxidants.

My Eyewake Intense Effect face cream review

Eyewake Intense Effect face cream

The Eyewake Intense Effect face cream comes in a 30ml glass jar. The sleek, monochrome design won't look out of place on any dressing table. I really like the clear glass jar as you can see exactly how much product is left. There is nothing more annoying than using the last of your favourite cream and realising you don't have the next jar waiting!

I am using the cream daily on a morning, after cleansing, and have been for the last six weeks. The cream has an almost gel like consistency that is really lightweight and absorbs into the skin really quickly. It is unscented so will suit lots of skin types. (Although I personally do prefer products to have a scent.) After six weeks of use I really like the effects. My skin is hydrated, plumper and softer. I haven't had any reactions to the cream or any breakouts.

Whilst I can't tell you I am completely fine line and wrinkle free, given how plump my skin is feeling I do believe they will improve with longer term use.

Eyewake Intense Effect face cream

Like the eye serum, the face cream is a permanent addition to my daily skincare routine now. I really hope Eyewake bring out a heavier, night cream next as I love soaking my skin in rich creams overnight whilst I sleep.

You can get the Eyewake Intense Effect face cream here and it is currently on offer at £14.95.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Wilko rhubarb and vanilla body scrub

One of my favourite stores for homeware is Wilko but until a few weeks ago I had no idea they have their own beauty range. I spotted it when I was queuing up at the tills and had to leave my place in line to have a good look. One product that immediately caught my eye is the Wilko rhubarb and vanilla body scrub.

Wilko rhubarb and vanilla body scrub - the range

As well as the Wilko rhubarb and vanilla body scrub there is a whole range of beauty goodies in the Wilko Fruits range. There is hand lotion, body lotion, body souffle, bath foam, body scrub, bath bombs, hand wash and shower gel. Each item comes in a choice of seven fragrances. Rhubarb and vanilla, blueberry and morello cherry, coconut and vanilla, passionfruit and watermelon, strawberry and pomegranate, nectarine and passionfruit and watermelon and guava. All seven scents smell amazing. Even better than the choice of products and fragrances is the price. Each item is just £1, and they are 3 for 2 at the moment!

Wilko rhubarb and vanilla body scrub

Wilko rhubarb and vanilla body scrub

The Wilko rhubarb and vanilla body scrub comes in a 250ml squeezy tube. It's bright pink colour really stands out on the bathroom shelf.

Once you take the lid off you can really smell the gorgeous rhubarb and vanilla fragrance. It has a lovely sharp, fruity hit of rhubarb with a delicate creamy note from the vanilla, very much like rhubarb and custard sweets.

The scrub is a thick gel with plenty of exfoliating crystals in. It isn't too harsh a scrub so makes a great general exfoliator. I don't find it tough enough to remove my fake tan when that is ready to come off.

Wilko rhubarb and vanilla body scrub

I am really pleased with the Wilko rhubarb and vanilla body scrub. For the price I wasn't expecting much but it is a great body scrub. I really love the fragrance and how clean and soft my skin feels afterwards.

I definitely want to stock up on more of these and try more from the Wilko Fruits range.


Tuesday, 26 June 2018

E'lifexir Natural Beauty Push Up Buttocks gel

*AD - GIFTED* It is no secret that I am a huge skin care fan and I am regularly trying new products. But, whilst I use a little body butter on my legs and arms after a shower the skin on my body is something I neglect. So, when I was asked to try out the E'lifexir Natural Beauty Push Up Buttocks gel I was really interested. Not just because of the "push up buttocks" claim but because my bum just isn't somewhere I've ever used a product on.

What is the E'lifexir Natural Beauty Push Up Buttocks gel?

E'lifexir Natural Beauty is a new body treatment range made from natural and organic extracts. The range contains 99% natural ingredients, are suitable for all skin types and are vegan.

The E'lifexir Natural Beauty Push Up Buttocks gel contains cherry, cranberry and orange water, stevia and mate leaves, scotch thistle and black elder extracts. It smooths, shapes and firms and helps improve cell renewal and protect collagen.

The stevia and mate leaves extract helps redefine the contours by smoothing the skin. Scotch thistle helps renew and protect collagen and prevents and reduces stretch marks. Black elder helps improve microcirculation and decongestion of the skin tissue. Cherry, cranberry and orange water provides antioxidants.

E'lifexir natural beauty products

There is 150ml in the tube. You apply it twice a day in an upwards, massaging motion.

E'lifexir natural beauty Push Up Buttocks gel

My E'lifexir Natural Beauty Push Up Buttocks gel review

As always I'll start my review with the packaging, as for me a product has to look good on my dressing table as well as do what it claims. I love the packaging! The bright colour tube is really eye-catching and if you have the whole set of E'lifexir products they would look great stood in a line.

The E'lifexir Natural Beauty Push Up Buttocks gel is more of a cream. It has a perfect consistency, not too runny and not so thick you can't work with it. I use quite a generous amount each time and after 4 weeks I have about finished the tube.

E'lifexir natural beauty Push Up Buttocks gel

I have been using the gel twice daily for four weeks now and can definitely say my bottom is looking much better for it! It looks and feels firmer and less dimply and just feels in better condition.

I won't share before of after photographs as I'm just not ready to share my bum with the internet...and I don't think the internet would thank me if I did.

The E'lifexir Natural Beauty Push Up Buttocks gel won't give you a Kardashian bum or turn your size 14 bottom into a size 8 bottom. But, it will give you a firmer bottom with less cellulite and it will really improve the skins condition.

I will definitely be ordering another tube once this one has gone.

E'lifexir Natural Beauty Push Up Buttocks gel and other products

There are six products in the E'lifexir Natural Beauty range.

  • Fitness
  • Push-up breast
  • Flat tummy
  • Push up buttocks
  • Actidren
  • Anti stretch marks
E'lifexir natural beauty products

You can buy E'lifexir Natural Beauty Push Up Buttocks gel and the other products from Holland & Barrett and they are £15.99 each. At the moment they are on buy one get one half price offer.

Would you like to try the E'lifexir Natural Beauty Push Up Buttocks gel? Which of the other E'lifexir products would you like to try?


Monday, 4 June 2018

Pink Gellac starter kit review

 *AD - GIFTED* Despite not being a super "girly girl" (hello messy buns and regular make up free face) one thing I always keep up to is my nails. A fresh, chip free, manicure makes me feel put together and feminine. In my nail blogging days (you can find my nail instagram account here) I would paint my nails daily. Nowadays I'm happiest with a gel manicure every 2 weeks. I have been sent the Pink Gellac starter kit to review along with a few other gel polish colours. As a disclaimer I do already have a few Pink Gellac gel polishes in my collection so it is a brand I already know and love.

The Pink Gellac starter kit

The Pink Gellac starter kit has everything in you need to start doing your own gel polish manicures at home.

To prep your nails ready for starting your manicure is an orange stick and nail file / buffer. There is a bottle of primer, base coat, gel polish and top coat. The LED lamp is also in the kit along with cleansing and removing wipes. There is also a great instruction booklet too.

The Pink Gellac starter kit and gel polish colours swatches

The first of the Pink Gellac gel nails polishes is Dynamic Pink. This is a bright, popping pink perfect for the warmer months. It will look gorgeous on toes on holiday too.

Next is Beautiful Black, a glossy black shade. I don't tend to wear black in the Spring and Summer months but will be bringing this back out as soon as Autumn hits.

This is Lipstick Red, a glossy bright red that is my perfect red shade. This is a colour you can wear all year round. It is brighter than the bottle suggests so is a nice surprise once you start painting.

Lastly is Vintage Nude, a classy peachy nude shade. This is paler than the bottle suggests but is a work appropriate shade that you can wear any season. It is a sheer gel polish so if you have longer nails you might get a visible nail line through it.

Pink Gellac starter kit review

I really like the Pink Gellac starter kit. The kit has everything you need to apply and remove a gel polish manicure. I don't need the instructions but they are really detailed and a gel polish beginner can easily follow them.

The products inside the kit are easy to use and great quality. I had one manicure on for two weeks and another for three weeks. Neither had any chips and I only removed them as they had grown down and were lifting at the cuticle.

I know from the other Pink Gellac gel polishes I have that, kept out of the light, the bottles will last a long time and stay in perfect condition.

I have used lots of different gel systems over the years and the Pink Gellac starter kit is up there with the best of them. I really recommend it and will be adding more colours from them to my ever-growing collection.

You can get the Pink Gellac starter kit with one colour here. Or you can choose four colours with the kit here.

Do you do gel manicures yourself? Have you tried any gel polishes from Pink Gellac before?


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