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Friday, 4 December 2020

Kiss Air Candle set giveaway

 I love scented candles all throughout the year, but it definitely wouldn't be Christmas without a candle flickering in each room. Whilst I do like the big branded candles I also love finding new, small business candle shops. One of my favourites for candles and wax melts is Kiss Air candles. I am giving away a trio of mini vanilla candles perfect for the bathroom window sill or on the side of the bath. 

Kiss Air candle trio set

Once you have burnt the candles the glass jars will still look lovely on display in the bathroom, or you could even have a go at refilling them. 

Kiss Air candle trio set

Enter via the Rafflecopter below and good luck! 

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Thursday, 5 September 2019

Creating a cozy nook with Bean Bag Bazaar & giveaway

AD - GIFTED Ever since redecorating the living room we've had one of those corners that needs "something" but I just haven't known what to put there. Fortunately Bean Bag Bazaar have gifted me the perfect piece for it. One of their grey lounge chair bean bags. And even better I have a bean bag to give away to one of you so keep reading until the end and enter the giveaway for the chance to win one.

About Bean Bag Bazaar

Bean Bag Bazaar lounge chair

Bean Bag Bazaar make a range of bean bags, foot stools and home furnishings. There is pretty much every size, style, fabric and colour you need to match a piece in with your decor. Everything is designed by British designers and made here in the UK.

My Bean Bag Bazaar lounge chair bean bag review

I have the Bean Bag Bazaar lounge chair bean bag in grey, which fits in perfectly in our grey and purple living room. The lounge chair is in the shape of an armchair and is large enough for an adult to sit in and get comfy. Ours lives in the corner of the living room, turning it into a cozy reading / chill out nook.

It arrives in two boxes, one with the shell of the armchair and the other full of beads to fill it. It is big and definitely needs at least two people to fill it up. The material feels strong and sturdy and the whole thing is really well made. I don't need to worry about finding beads all over or any seams splitting.

Bean Bag Bazaar lounge chair

The lounge chair bean bag is super comfy to sit in. I love tucking myself in to it with a blanket on a night and losing myself in a book there. The shape tucks around you and it's great to curl up in.
As it is so big it's a great extra seat if people come around too, being a bean bag means it's easy to move to wherever we need it. Even the patio in dry, sunny weather!

Bean Bag Bazaar lounge chair

I am really happy with our Bean Bag Bazaar lounge chair bean bag. It has transformed a bare corner into a cozy, comfortable reading nook and makes a great spare seat if we need it too.
If you are looking for a bean bag or extra seating I can't recommend Bean Bag Bazaar enough.

Make sure you enter the giveaway below and keep your fingers crossed to win one for yourself!

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Thursday, 22 August 2019

Valentte divine natural skincare and home fragrance

I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone to hear me say I love gorgeous smelling beauty products and home fragrances. I love nothing more than a pamper evening with luxurious skin care and a divine smelling candle lit to relax me. Valentte recently sent me a bundle of their products to try out and give my thoughts on.

Valentte candle, hand cream and body scrub standing on table

Valentte white neroli and lemon hand cream

Valentte hand cream standing on table

Firstly the Valentte white neroli and lemon hand cream. I have such dry skin (thanks thyroid!) so always love a good hand cream. This has shea butter and coconut oil making it rich and nourishing. It is a thick consistency and a little goes a long way. The essential oils give it a gorgeous, long lasting fragrance. After using it my skin feels soft and moisturised and my dry, splitting cuticles are looking and feeling so much better.

Valentte hand cream jar with lid off

Valentte lemongrass and rosemary candle

Valentte candle jar on table

The Valentte lemongrass and rosemary candle is a real treat. It is a soy wax candle with essential oils in a heavy glass jar. The candle smells amazing and gives a great throw of scent. Even unlit you can still smell it sitting on my living room window sill. It burns evenly with no tunnelling and it isn't leaving any sooty residue anywhere. I am really impressed with the candle and will definitely be trying out some more of their scents. Any of my "real life" friends can expect to be finding one in their Christmas presents too as I think they will make great gifts...if you can bear to part with it.

Valentte mandarin and grapefruit body scrub

Valentte body scrub jar on table

For me, the favourite product is the Valentte mandarin and grapefruit body scrub. It is a dead sea salt scrub enriched with jojoba and almond oils and essential oils. Like the other products the fragrance is amazing and lasts long after you rinse the scrub off. The scrub itself is really luxurious, the sea salt gives great exfoliation and the oils really moisturise the skin. I have given myself a full body exfoliation four times with my jar.
During the warmer weather my jar did separate slightly, but a good stir or a couple of hours in the fridge and it was as good as new.

Valentte body scrub close up of scrub inside jar

I am really happy with all three of the Valnette products I have been trying. The essential oils make everything smell SO good and the quality of them all is brilliant. It is definitely a new favourite brand of mine.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Hello Sunday Essensory Candle set

AD - GIFTED I don't know about you, but I always love getting little bits for my house. And one of my biggest interior loves is candles. Not only do they look pretty but they give off that relaxing candlelight glow and make the room smell pretty amazing too! I recently received the Hello Sunday Essensory candle set and made it at home in my living room.

About Hello Sunday Essensory candle set

Hello Sunday are an Australian lifestyle brand who have loads of gorgeous home, stationery and fashion items on their site. Everything from candles to cushions, tote bags to wallets and journals to pens.
The Hello Sunday candle set is a three piece set that turns your candles in to a statement piece in the room. As well as the candle there is a porcelain base and heat proof glass lantern.

Hello Sunday Essensory candle set, three piece set laid out on table

My Hello Sunday Essensory candle set review

The Hello Sunday Essensory candle set is super easy to assemble, just pop the candle in the base and light it then push the lantern on the top. It feels really well made with a thick base and sturdy lantern.
The candle is soy wax and has a 25 hour burn time. It is unscented which at first I was a little disappointed about but soon realised I can use my wax melts as usual for scent and this for the glow I don't get from my electric burners. Plus I can easily refill it with a scented candle when this one has burnt out can't I?

Hello Sunday Essensory candle set, unlit and standing on coffee table

Once lit it looks so pretty and really lights up the illustration of the lantern. Even in the daytime you get a gorgeous glow from the set and once it is dark it looks really stunning!

Hello Sunday Essensory candle set, lit and standing of coffee table with peonies and ornament

There are a variety of different colour laterns and this pretty lilac/pink goes perfectly in my grey living room.

At 18cm high it is perfectly portable, sometimes it might be on my window sill and sometimes it might be on the coffee table or tv unit.

Getting a set for each room in the house is definitely on my to-buy list as I update each room.

You can get the Hello Sunday Essensory candle set here and they are $49.99 each.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Roundhay Park with the Tesalate towel

It is the school holidays here in Leeds and in typical British style the weather and road closures have been spoiling our plans! We have been sent a Tesalate towel and a day out at the Seaside with it would be perfect. Fortunately, Roundhay Park is nearby and saves the day.

About the Tesalate towel

The Tesalate towel is a large, absorbent, quick drying towel that is sand free too. They come in a huge range of vibrant designs that both women and men will love.

Tesalate towel - Paradise Found laid out on floor

The towels are lightweight and compact. Despite being a full size towel they fold up neatly into a tiny bag.

Tesalate towel - Paradise Found laid out on floor with bag

Tesalate towel - rolled up in bag

My Tesalate towel review

I have the Paradise Found design Tesalate towel, a super bright tropical print towel with flamingos, flowers and palm leaves. The colours are gorgeous and they instantly remind you of summer holidays. I do like that the reverse of the towel is a monochrome geometric print. It's almost like two towels in one! When it is inside its bag it is small and lightweight, the kind of thing you can throw in your bag and forget about.

Tesalate towel - laying it out on grass in park

Although I couldn't try my towel out on the sand I could use it as a picnic blanket. Roundhay Park is the perfect place to take a seat and watch the swans on the lake or the world go by. It's a windy and cold day but the ground is dry, so no damp soaks up in to the towel. The towel keeps me clean and stops that annoying grass tickle that you think might be a spider every two minutes.

Tesalate towel - sitting on towel in park

A quick shake and all the grass and gravel falls straight off. I obviously can't confirm the towel is sand free but definitely think it will be after using it in the park.
Our towel has been through the washer and out on the line to dry. The colours are just as vibrant and it dries really quickly.

Tesalate towel - shaking towel by lake

I love how small and lightweight the towel is it won't take up much room in my suitcase or beach bag and definitely won't take up much of the luggage allowance weight either.
I can't wait to take our Tesalate towel on holiday. It is going to be perfect to lay on in the sun lounger or down at the beach. As it is so absorbent and quick drying it will be great for the in and out of the pool days. There is nothing worse than laying on a soggy towel is there? I'm really looking forward to not having a beach bag full of sand too.

As well as being a great beach towel it will make a great picnic blanket for dry days here. I can picture us sitting in parks for a picnic with it or pulling it out at festivals for a sit down between bands or while we eat.

You can grab a Tesalate towel here and they are £49 or £79 for a towel for two.

Is a Tesalate towel something you would like for travelling or days out?

Thursday, 22 November 2018

DermaTherapy bedding review

*AD - GIFTED* Home style is something I am quite passionate about. I love shopping for new bits for our house, from little nicknacks to furniture to new bedding. I have recently been trying out the DermaTherapy bedding after being gifted a set of pillow cases to see if it lives up to its claims. 

About DermaTherapy bedding

DermaTherapy bedding is the worlds first patented and FDA approved bedding. It gives a cleaner, drier and hypogenic sleep. Due to a soil release finish, after washing you get clean sheets every time. The bedding is cool to the touch and the unique microfibres keep you from getting too hot or cold. DermaTherapy fabrics draw away any moisture and keep you dry through the night. And, the fabric is clinically proven to reduce itching and irritation. DermaTherapy bedding is perfect for skin conditions, night sweats, night terrors and post sports.

DermaTherapy bedding

My DermaTherapy bedding review

DermaTherapy bedding - bed made up with DermaTherapy pillow cases and checked bedding

My bed is one of my favourite places in the house. I love nothing more than curling up there on a night. I do have chronic sleep problems though. A new mattress is helping my hip pain and mindfulness is helping the insomnia. But thyroid disease makes regulating my temperature hard. Depending on the levels in my bloods I can be freezing cold or waking up in a hot sweat. So I had high hopes for the DermaTherapy bedding!

I have two pillow cases from the range and I was really happy to see they are a brilliant white colour. This means they go perfectly no matter what bedding I have on. As you can see the pillow cases are on the bottom through the day whilst the bed is made. Once I'm getting in to bed I flip them over to sleep on them.


DermaTherapy bedding - bed made up with DermaTherapy pillow cases and checked bedding

The bedding is a silky feeling material so feels lovely against the skin. When you first lay on them it is surprising at how cool they are; Perfect for anyone who always needs to turn their pillows for the cold side. It's really relaxing to snuggle under a thick duvet yet have cooler pillows and I have been having better nights sleep. At the moment my blood levels are fairly stable so hot sweats haven't been an issue for the few weeks I've been using the bedding. I'm sure they will return at some point soon and I'm confident the pillow cases will help with those.

Whilst I don't have a skin condition like eczema, after sleeping in the bedding for a few weeks I can imagine it is great for that. It's so soft and smooth and definitely wouldn't irritate or cause any itching.

My DermaTherapy bedding has been through the wash a few times now. It washes and dries easily and comes out bright white and silky feeling. As it is such a shiny fabric I don't think I would try ironing it though. (Not that I iron bedding, but you know, if you did ... don't!)

I'm really happy with the DermaTherapy bedding and would love to get the duvet cover for the summer months.

Is DermaTherepy bedding something that would be useful for you?


Thursday, 18 October 2018

Transforming a spare bedroom into a multi functional room

*AD - SPONSORED POST* For quite a while now our spare bedroom has been neglected and unloved. It is the only room that hasn't been redecorated since moving in and it just doesn't really have a purpose. It is a dumping ground for all the things that don't have a specific place in the house. And it is only cleared out on the rare occasion someone is sleeping over. This year I have been changing that. I want a room that can be useful for lots of different things. Somewhere to relax, somewhere to work and somewhere a guest can sleep. Today I am sharing my journey on transforming a spare bedroom into a multi functional room.

Transforming a spare bedroom into a multi functional room - the decor

The first step in transforming a spare bedroom into a multi functional room is the decor. Choosing decor and decorating is my favourite part of renovating. I have one olive green statement wall against creamy grey for the other walls. Green gives it a really relaxing, calming feel and the grey ties it in to the rest of the house.
Transforming a spare bedroom in to a multi functional room - the decor
 The feature I'm most proud of is the floor. As soon as the carpet was pulled back and near perfect floorboards revealed I had to keep them. Stripping and staining floorboards is a long and dusty job but the end result is worth it. Staining them white gives them a slightly unusual look and covers up any patches of paint the sanding doesn't remove.

Transforming a spare bedroom into a multi functional room - the furniture

I'm going to start by saying I'm lucky enough to have a large spare bedroom so transforming a spare bedroom into a multi functional room is easy here.
So firstly, our spare bedroom needs somewhere for visitors to sleep. A sofa bed is the best idea as it doesn't take up too much room and doubles as somewhere to sit too. It is my new cosy little reading corner. My lamp stand is a toddler chair that we've had since Ellie was little. I'm glad it has a new purpose now.
transforming a spare bedroom into a multi functional room - sofa bed
A few beanbags add some more seating spaces. Perfect for teenagers as it makes it a great hang out space for them.
transforming a spare bedroom into a multi functional room - bean bag
So, hi, I'm Helen. I hoard DVDs and CDs! I would like to tell you I need to go through and sort these, but this is the downsize. One wall is full with a bookcase and media towers so there is plenty of storage in the room.
transforming a spare bedroom into a multi functional room - book cases

Transforming a spare bedroom into a multi functional room - still to do

The next thing on the to-buy list for my multi functional room is a desk. I want the room to be somewhere we can work as well as relax, store and sleep. Lionshome have some gorgeous desks, two of which I really love. I'm torn between a traditional desk or a more modern ladder desk that I can work on and fill with pretty trinkets and plants.
The walls look a bit bare don't they? I have some art prints I want to frame and put up. A mirror opposite the windows is on my shopping list too.
transforming a spare bedroom into a multi functional room - the windows
What do you think of my journey transforming a spare bedroom into a multi functional room? Do you have any areas in your house that have a multi functional purpose?

Thursday, 11 October 2018

How to have a perfect pamper night in

*AD - GIFTED* This time of year my focus always shifts on to wellness and self care. My mood always dips slightly as the season changes. The colder, wetter weather and darker mornings and nights are not something I enjoy at all. Even if your mood doesn't change with the seasons we're moving in to a busy, expensive and stressful time of year, Christmas. Today I'm sharing my tips and tricks on how to have a perfect pamper night to relax the body and mind.

How to have a perfect pamper night - why you need to

Most of us know we need to look after ourselves, body and mind, but I'm sure a lot of us forget about ourselves in our busy days. With working, looking after families, housework, exercise and cooking etc it can seem like there just aren't enough hours in the day as it is. But you can't look after anyone else or keep running at full speed if you don't make some time for yourself too. The more you put in to your self care the more you will get out of it.

How to have a perfect pamper night

The majority of my perfect pamper night takes place in the bathroom. For me, my bathroom is my happy place. A place where I can be totally alone to relax and hide myself away from the world. I don't have the bathroom of dreams, it's super small but has everything I need and I have made it a cosy, relaxing space. My ultimate house goal is a large bathroom with a huge freestanding bath. Imagine the relaxation (and insta photos) I could get in one.

How to have a perfect pamper night - bath with bath tray

How to have a perfect pamper night - Tip one

If I am having a pampering night I have to start with a clean and tidy house. There is nothing worse than spending an hour or so pampering myself only to have to do the washing up or ironing afterwards.

How to have a perfect pamper night - Tip two

Change the bedsheets. Getting in to clean, fresh bedding is the best feeling in the world. And getting in to clean, fresh bedding after a perfect pamper night is even better.

How to have a perfect pamper night - butterfly bedsheets

How to have a perfect pamper night - Tip three

Have a long hot bath. Add your favourite bath bomb, bubble bath or bath oil and soak all the stress and tension away. I love relaxing in mine with just candlelight and wearing a face and hair mask whilst I'm soaking to make it even more luxurious.

How to have a perfect pamper night - Lush bath bomb

How to have a perfect pamper night - Tip four

Pamper your skin. Whilst I religiously stick to my facial skin care routine I can't say the same for the rest of my skin. So a good exfoliate then moisturise with my favourite body butter or lotion is a real treat.

How to have a perfect pamper night - beauty products on bath tray

How to have a perfect pamper night - Tip five

Treat your tastebuds. I love a huge mug of hot chocolate or a glass of fizz when I'm relaxing. A bar of chocolate or slice of cake is always a good idea too.

How to have a perfect pamper night - hot chocolate in a flamingo mug

How to have a perfect pamper night - Tip six

Give yourself a manicure and pedicure. A lot of you already know I am a former nail blogger so always keep up to my nails but if you don't, do them. A fresh manicure always makes me feel happier and more "put together".

How to have a perfect pamper night - new nail art manicure

How to have a perfect pamper night - Tip seven

Have an early night. That crisp fresh bedding will feel amazing after a perfect pamper night. Curl up in bed with a book or your fave Netflix show and enjoy the rest.


Thursday, 2 August 2018

Kiss Air Candles wax melts

As a blogger I spend a lot of time reading other blogs. I love showing my support to my fellow blogging gals and love finding new products to try out myself. Recently With Love From Lou was sharing her new Kiss Air Candles. The candle and wax hoarder in me just had to place an order for some wax melts.

About Kiss Air Candles

Kiss Air Candles are a UK company run by sisters in Cambridgeshire. They sell candles, wax melts and reed diffusers as well as a monthly subscription service. All the products come in a huge range of scents and there is a fragrance for everyone on the site. Everything is handmade using natural soy wax and is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

My Kiss Air Candles wax melts order

Kiss Air Candles wax melts order

I have six wax melts from Kiss Air Candles in a range of scents to really try out the brand.

  • Earl Grey Tea - black tea and zesty bergamot.
  • Really Rhubarb - freshly cut rhubarb.
  • Sleepyhead - lavender, chamomile and vanilla.
  • Faraway Shores - coconut, lemon, mandarin, pineapple, amber and vanilla.
  • Pink Peony - peony, apple and amber.
  • Vitamin Sea - sea salt and driftwood.

Kiss Air Candles wax melts review

Kiss Air Candles wax melts review

I really love the cute packaging of the Kiss Air Candles wax melts. The pots are sturdy and air tight and you can easily see which scent is which.

Whilst cold the waxes smell amazing and they smell just as good once they are melting. The fragrance is so strong and easily fills my large living room. Their website does say they are strong but you can never be sure just how true that is can you! I cut each melt into four pieces and that is more than enough. The wax holds its fragrance for 30 hours of burning time, I'm actually finding some last much longer than that which is brilliant.

Whilst all of the wax melts smell amazing I have two firm favourites. Really Rhubarb is gorgeous, the sharp and fruity scent of my favourite fruit. Vitamin Sea has a unique, fresh and clean scent that I can't get enough of.

Each of the Kiss Air Candles wax melts pots are £1.95, great value for money considering how much use you get out of one pot.

I can't wait to try more of their scents and possibly some of the super-instagrammable candles too.

Which do you prefer, wax melts or candles? Have you tried anything from Kiss Air Candles?


Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Tarts With A Heart Soapy Luxeboxe collection

 It seems to have been ages since I shared one of my favourite small indie brands and had a giveaway. So to celebrate the start of May (how has that come around so quickly?!) todays post is a review of the Tarts With A Heart Soapy Luxeboxe collection. Keep reading until the end and there is a collection to win. 

The Tarts With A Heart Soapy Luxeboxe collection

Tarts With A Heart Soapy Luxeboxe collection review

Tarts With A Heart have been one of my favourite wax melt shops for quite a few years now. Their wax melts look cute, smell great with an amazing throw and are a brilliant price too. 

Tarts With A Heart Soapy Luxeboxe collection review

The Tarts With A Heart Soapy Luxeboxe collection has 6 different wax melts and each takes inspiration from soaps and fragrances on the high street.

Baby Bath is a calming scent that can soothe weary bodies after a long busy day. It smells exactly like the Johnsons baby bubble bath and talc. I love it as it is a powdery, calming scent that fills the whole room.

Brown Sugar and Fig is an obviously sweet scent with soft fruity notes that can fill a room without overwhelming. It smells very similar to the Bath and Bodyworks range of the same name. It is a very sweet scent but doesn't quite meet a bakery scent and it isn't sickly at all.

Holy Nerolil is a punchy scent with hints of orange blossom and florals. This is another favourite of mine from the range. It is a strong, citrus scent that instantly fills the room.

Honey Bunny is a sweet scent with a strong floral feel. It is a lovely clean and lightly floral scent.

Nectarine and Mint is another Bath and Bodyworks inspired fragrance. It is another strong scent that I think smells slightly masculine too.

Shea Butter is exactly as you would expect. It is a great melt to burn on a pamper evening or whilst you are in the bath.

I love all six Tarts With A Heart Soapy Luxebox collection wax melts, especially Holy Neroli and Baby Bath. All six are lovely and strong scents and they all smell clean and calming.

Win a Tarts With A Heart Soapy Luxeboxe collection

Tarts With A Heart Soapy Luxeboxe collection review

So as I said above, I have an extra Tarts With A Heart Soapy Luxeboxe collection to win. One UK winner can win the collection. Entry is easy using the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 20 April 2018

Gemporia Diamond birthstone candle

 *AD - GIFTED* The gemstone company Gemporia knew April is my birthday month and sent me an early birthday present recently. One of their gorgeous candles, the Gemporia Diamond birthstone candle. I am a HUGE candle and wax melt fan. I really love having gorgeous scents filling my home, so a candle is the perfect present for me. 

Gemporia Diamond birthstone candle boxed

Gemporia Diamond birthstone candle boxed

About the Gemporia Diamond birthstone candle

The Gemporia Diamond birthstone candle is made from eco friendly products, natural oils and 100% soy wax. It is orris scented. Each candle has 1 carat of diamond dust which floats as you burn the candle.

My Gemporia Diamond birthstone candle review

I really love the packaging of the Gemporia Diamond birthstone candle. The box is thick and glossy and the candle itself is in a heavy ombre glass jar that feels really luxurious. The black and white ombre is really pretty and it makes a real statement piece on the window sill or table.

Once you take the lid off the candle it smells amazing. Orris isn't a scent I have smelt before but it is beautiful. It is a very floral, clean, powdery and fresh scent.

When the candle is lit the scent fills the room almost instantly. The candle is 200g size but throws the scent easily around my large living room.

The diamond dust adds a gorgeous sparkle to the wax whilst it is melting. It is a really unique touch to a candle.

Gemporia Diamond birthstone candle flat lay

Gemporia Diamond birthstone candle - final thoughts

The Gemporia Diamond birthstone candle is a great present to receive. The candle smells amazing and has an incredible throw. The ombre jar is beautiful and I will be using it long after the wax has gone.

The candle makes a great present or even just a treat for yourself.

Does the Gemporia Diamond birthstone candle sound like something you would like burning in your living room? What kind of scents do you like?


Friday, 23 February 2018

Northern Craft Fair haul

 I always love attending craft fairs. Despite being creative in my own way I'm not very arty. Seeing the products people design and create with so much love and passion is heart warming. Craft fairs always have something for everyone and you can never leave them without a few sneaky purchases. The Northern Craft Fair was my last fair and today I am sharing the goodies that made their way in to my Northern Craft fair haul and came home with me. 

Northern Craft Fair haul - Betty Joy

Betty Joy Design Studio creates happy art for children and grown ups too. The artwork takes inspiration from nature.

Northern Craft fair haul Betty Joy stall

Betty Joy has the cutest sloth and bird bunting that I did have a hard time not bringing home with me in my Northern Craft fair haul. Maybe once my office renovations are done I can get some to hang around my desk.

Northern Craft fair haul Betty Joy bunting

One thing I can never resit are post cards and prints. So, this pretty mermaid post card has made its way to my house and is ready for hanging in my office.

Northern Craft fair haul Betty Joy mermaid post card

Northern Craft fair haul - HCLS Ceramics

HCLS Ceramics creates thrown and hand built ceramics with different effects to mark them and make beautiful pieces.

HCLS Ceramics stall

Each piece is individual and absolutely stunning! I could quite happily fill my rooms with the huge dishes and vases.

HCLS Ceramics stall

The piece that has made it in to my Northern Craft fair haul is this pretty black and white dish. It is quite small so a perfect size for a bedside ring / trinket holder. I want it on display though so everyone can see it so it is sat on my living room windowsill.

HCLS Ceramics dish

Northern Craft fair haul - Natko ceramics

Natko Ceramics makes handmade ceramics and jewellery. Everything is made by hand, not on a wheel, and every item is unique. Graphic patterns, cute images and a shiny glaze finish each piece.

Northern Fair haul Natko ceramics stall

I really love the small dishes, especially the triangular shapes. It's quite unusual to see dishes this shape and I love the squiggly patterns on each one.

Northern Fair haul Natko ceramics stall

What has made it into my Northern Craft fair haul is probably the cutest thing you have ever seen! A pink and white pointy piece with a sleepy face. I'm not too sure what it is supposed to be but I like to think it's a unicorn horn. So my unicorn is another item with pride of place on my living room window sill.

Northern Fair haul Natko ceramics unicorn haul

What is your favourite piece from my Northern Craft fair haul? Do you ever go to craft fairs? What always finds its way home with you when you do?


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